Apple sends invites for September event: iPhone 5S on deck, what we know so far

Apple sends invites for September event: iPhone 5S on deck, what we know so far

Summary: Finally. Apple is ready to talk. But exactly what will be announced remains to be seen, amid rumors the company could be prepping two new iPhones: one premium, and one low-budget.

(Image: Apple via CNET)

Apple is finally ready to talk about, what we are guessing is its latest and greatest smartphone. 

Just hours after Microsoft stole the spotlight with the news it would acquire Nokia's phone making business, Apple took the limelight for itself. The next Apple smartphone, dubbed the iPhone 5S, is expected to be announced at an event at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California on September 10.

The technology giant sent sister site CNET an invitation this morning, reading: "This should brighten everyone's day." The "bubble" graphics indicate the event will also focus on iOS 7, the next-generation mobile platform, which will launch with the next smartphone.

What's on the cards? It's clear as day that the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant will launch the latest iteration of its popular premium smartphone. But it's unclear if Apple will also launch something entirely new — a low-cost budget iPhone designed for the emerging markets, dubbed the iPhone 5C, as rumors suggest.

We are not, however, expecting a new iPad to make an appearance at the September event. Following an adjusted release cycle last year, Apple will likely hold a separate event in November, just ahead of the lucrative December holiday season.

CNET will be there live with all the live coverage and the breaking news, while ZDNet will have instant analysis as it happens and to follow.

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  • Kudos to all those about to buy ios7 devices

    Or as I like to call it:
    WP8 v0.9. We'll have to wait for a couple service packs in the upcoming year to see if they ever get it up to where WP8 is today.

    Wait, wait, wait, that is the apple user's mantra.
    • Up to Windows Phone 8?

      Why would Apple want to go backward?
      • Backward?

        Imo ios been stagnating for few years now. So whose going backward again?
    • Why wait....

      This is not a MS product which require the 2nd service pack to install it with any confidence. Apple has a pretty good track record at getting it right the first time, not a perfect record but miles ahead of a MS release.

      Looking forward to iOS but I will admit the icons do look like a step backwards. Not as kindergarten as W8 but less polished then what iOS users have become accustom to.

      On another note, I wish the authors would wait til they have some hard data before they write, this articular was all air, nothing worth reading. It is an open invite for trolls and other knuckle daggers to start regurgitating their normal mindless bile.
      • What planet?

        "Apple has a pretty good track record at getting it right the first time"

        Tim Acheson
      • Yiure kidding right?

        It took Apple repeated time - with multiple releases to get it right.
        Hell even ANDROID has some a better record with some versions.

        Seriously, do you live in a Fantasy land ??
      • Unicode of Death

        So Apple customers hate updating so much that they are happy that Apple has ignored the Unicode of Death for half a year?

        Apple customers were happy to be hacked with FlashBack?

        You got it bad...
    • Windows Phone 8:

      Two solid years of not completely changing the codebase, congrats!
      Evil Sandmich
    • Try harder kid

      Apple doesn't do "service packs" lol..... and iOS7 is miles and miles away from WP kid...
      work on your troll because this is weak dude
      • You are right

        "iOS7 is miles and miles away from WP"

        Yup, exactly right. Maybe ios8 in 2014 will finally reach where WP8 is today? Doubtful but maybe if apple buys a few more companies and lets someone else do the coding, they may have a chance.
        • Let me use an argument dear to you

          Is the article about windows phone?

        • Too bad your lies don't work

          WP 8 is really flying off the shelves. Oh wait, no one want's WP 8. Less than 1% of the market has chosen to try it, most of them are Microsoft Fanboys. I've never seen anyone using a WP 8 Phone, Just Android, iOS, and Feature phones. When you have to combine 3 seperate OSes to get to 3.9% which is less than WM6.x had, i says you're losing, not winning. BTW, your girls still use those Kin phones?
          Troll Hunter J
          • Actually

            Its the fastest growing segment of the smart phone market. But thanks for playing ;)
      • Re: Try harder kid

        You are not being fair to toddbottom3.

        This is an attempt to write AI script emulating Eliza (or rather, jenny18) in WinRT, running on an Surface RT -- quite an accomplishment. But he is not guilty his code is buggy, that pride belongs to Microsoft.

        Anyway, don't worry, the thing learns. Next time it will repeat your own arguments twisted appropriately.
    • Toddy

      Your picture (the one above will do) should be in the dictionary next to word "Fangirl". Definitions should speak to traits like "foaming at the mouth" and "complete and utter lack of social life" to name just a few.

      One has to really wonder why you post in a blog post about Apple when you are 1000% a total and utter Microsoft shill? I know I did not go into any of the blog posts about Microsoft or Nokia on this site today. I did not read them other than the headlines and even I did I would not post in them, because I don't care.

      I have no doubt you are either a MS employee or you work at a company that supports the SMB market pushing Microsoft's product line as a "Partner". At the least you are in IT and all you have ever known is Microsoft products and you are feeling threatened by their slow decent into insignificance.

      You need to face the facts. Microsoft is declining in significance. Their name has lost all luster amongst their customers. All of their consumer products are failing. Windows as a platform is cruising on momentum that will run out. Office while still doing great is going to be sidestepped as a product type in the future as people/corporations slowly move away from what know as Office products today.

      Oh and this product you are making fun of, the iPhone, makes more revenue and profit, than ALL...yes ALL....Microsoft products combined. WP8 .anything it is not.
      • Just a FYI

        todd bottom is an alias of matt miller. Notice the similarities in the name structure. Todd= 4 characters, but only 3 letters, the same as Matt. Bottom 6 characters wit a double letter in the middle, just like Miller. Both have a fanatical devotion to Microsoft products. Matt Miller is a Microsoft mobile evangelist, ad couldn't sing the praises of the Kin, up till it was canceled. Listen to him "gush" about the "Kin two"

        "Matthew is a member of the Nokia Nseries Blogger relations program and the Microsoft Mobius mobile device evangelist group. He can be found on various discussion forums under the user name of "palmsolo.""

        And you wonder why he thinks WP 8 on a Nokia is the perfect combination?
        Troll Hunter J
  • If nothing else you are constant at being wrong.

    - Cheetah was bad, it was not complete/stable and surprised many Apple users because they were not use to a release such as this.

    "iphone users had to wait a year to get apps and 3 years to get copy and paste."
    - It was a little less then two year for them to install a cut and past with iOS3 but the phone was so far ahead of anything else out there, it was a small issue.

    "iphone 4 STILL couldn't hold on to a cell signal long enough to complete a call."
    FUD is all this is, the 4 antenna was not as good as the 3 or 4s but still did fine and was proven to be mostly an un-issue in tests.

    "All the iPads have had huge issues with yellow screens."
    Odd, my two at home do not and the several at the office do not and I have never seen this but if you say all of them, I am sure this is true because you would never say something false because of blind hate. Reality check, this is a issue with a small number of iPads.

    "Microsoft has a pretty good track record at getting it right" I'm really going to enjoy this. Take a look at the hall of shame below. These are products that failed out right, were used and hated until a corrected version came out, or died a long death from a lack of users and interest. All of them were bad technology.

    - Windows CE
    - Windows Mobile
    - Tablet PCs
    - Windows ME
    - Windows Vista
    - Bob
    - The Zune
    - Surface RT
    - Windows 8
    - Kin
    - Card Space
    - Bob
    - U Prove
    - Office Live
    - Performance Point
    - MediaRoom
    - WebTV
    - Office Assitant
    - Ballmer

    It would have been easier to list the successful products. Sorry to slap you in the face with reality Todd but I am sure that will not stop your fantasy rants.
    • You forgot

      that winner called "Microsoft Tag".
    • Also don't forget this "Gem"

      It was pretty widespread, and since Mr. Miller wants to point fingers, I'll point them back at his Heros
      Troll Hunter J
    • Re: OS X....

      OS X had immediate potential upon its initial release. However things didn't really start to come together until OS X 10.5 Leopard.

      OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard kicked it all off properly. That much is sure as there are still a significant number still using it instead of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.