Apple starts encrypting iCloud email, down for some users

Apple starts encrypting iCloud email, down for some users

Summary: As Apple works on its promise to improve the iCloud email service's security, an outage has affected some users.

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Apple is ramping up efforts to fulfil the promise to protect iCloud customers and encrypt email services.

While Apple is yet to announce any changes to the iCloud platform, which boasted over 300 million users last year, emails are now encrypted, whether inbound or outbound. In other words, and email addresses are now protected.

The changes have been revealed through Google's transparency website. The website's function is to disclose the percentage of inbound and outbound emails that funnel through Gmail and other providers. As shown below, the iPad and iPhone maker's changes are in place:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 18.00.53

Extra encryption can't be a bad thing for users, especially as the tech giant has endured recent criticism as one of the last email providers not to provide a good level of encryption between services. The criticism led to Apple promising to improve the situation. However, German publication Heise claims that Apple is using RC4 encryption, which is far from the most secure option available.

In related news, a small percentage of iCloud users are currently experiencing an outage. The service became unavailable at roughly 12.00 am ET Monday, and impacts 0.1 percent of users.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 18.01.48

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Privacy

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  • encryption

    What is the point of encrypting emails if the NSA has the key anyways
    Panthera son
  • So Apple Is Starting To Do

    what they have been claiming that they were doing since forever? Interesting!

    How Special!
    • And....

      And they probably followed Google's "lead" by not informing customers - hence why email is down for some.
      Are they the last to encrypt their mail?