Apple suppliers: 10 million 'iPad mini' units ordered

Apple suppliers: 10 million 'iPad mini' units ordered

Summary: Apple has placed an order for 10 million "iPad minis", according to reports.

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The Wall Street Journal says that during the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year, Asian suppliers are expected to produce 10 million units which have been dubbed the "iPad mini", although Apple has not officially revealed the product.

ipad mini rumor 10 million units ordered

If Apple has ordered the production of 10 million units from its component suppliers, it suggests that the iPhone and iPad maker believes there is a strong market demand for a smaller, less expensive tablet -- potentially in time for the Christmas rush. It has also been suggested that this is double the order placed for Amazon's Kindle Fire in the same quarter, according to the same unnamed suppliers.

Previous reports stated that production of the new unit has already begun for the smaller tablet, which is thought to be announced this week -- although invitations are yet to be issued to the press.

In addition, sources have suggested the new mini-tablet will include a 7.85-inch LCD screen, whereas the new iPad boasts a screen of 9.7 inches. It is expected that the rumored "iPad mini" will have a lower resolution than the Retina display hosted by the iPad 3.

Although Apple is one of the largest technology firms in the world, its market share has slipped due to the rising popularity of Android smartphones and tablets. According to research firm iSuppli, Apple's slice of the tablet market in Q2 was 69.6 percent. In comparison, it was 84 percent in 2010. Rival firm Samsung claims the second largest share in the second quarter with 9.2 percent.

If the iPad mini rumors are true, it will face stiff competition from rivals including Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire and Google's $199 Nexus 7 tablet. Apple-branded products are generally more expensive than others in the smartphone and tablet market, but if the smaller alternative to the iPad 3 is competitively priced, it may help the Cupertino-based firm claw back some of its lost market share.

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Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • It will be intresting to see ....

    to what extent the minis will cannibalize the sales of the iPad. Clearly, some potential iPad buyers will opt for the mini instead.
    • Grrrr.........

      interesting, not intresting
    • I think it will be more interesting...

      to see if iPad mini sales cannibalize iPod Touch sales. Since this would most likely be the product in between the two, the iPod Touch may just go away.
      • actually I feel more interesting to watch will be

        sales of ipad mini vs sales of WinRT. From what it leaks it will be something like $300 vs $700.
        • Those are two different markets.

          I have yet to see any 7" WinRT tablet demo.
      • It is still so tiny and smaller than Mini will be

        I don't think people will prefer mini over iPod. Mini isn't a player, it is bigger than iPod . It is not something you can put into your pocket. It will not affect the iPod Touch sales. I think.
        Maria Davidenko
  • Why Apple lost marketshare

    Apple lost marketshare more because she did not have a 7" tablet rather than for any other reason. Both Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 are 7" tablets. Look at Samsung's 10" marketshare for a confirmation of my theory.
    • Don't disagree...

      But at the same time, it's remarkable that they only lost 14% in two years when their cheapest tablets are selling for $200-300 less than offerings like the Nexus and Fire. I also suspect that means Apple doesn't have to match the Nexus and Fire pricing in order to stop the slight bleeding, they just have to get close.

      I say slight not because 14% is insignificant, but because with Apple for all practical purposes being the first to sell a mainstream tablet, competitors were bound to chip away their share to some extent. It's simply not as mature a market as the smart phone market is (14% there over two years would be monumental).
      • Apple's tablet market share has gone from 81% to 52% in 2 years

        "According to recent polls, the Apple iPad has 52% of the tablet market share with Android having the other 48%. While the iPad is still ahead, its market share has had a huge fall since 2011 when it had 81%. "
        • That's ridiculous, but good try

          "While the iPad is still ahead, its market share has had a huge fall since 2011 when it had 81%"

          The number of iPad's sold has only gone up. The fact that there is also a market for Kindles is beside the point.
    • This will correct the iPads major failing

      The bottom line is the iPad is simply laughably (literally, on a crowded bus) large. Making it a reasonable size will correct its most significant shortcoming. I predict this will sell like hotcakes, even by Apple standards. Indeed, I suspect that, assuming it is not crippled in some way relative to its big brother, the mini will be outselling the original by a wide margin.
      x I'm tc
      • Somewhat disagree...

        I don't think it's too big at all. In fact, while I might end up getting a 7" tablet, I value the screen real estate of the 10" and as long as tablets are offered in 10", that will likely serve as my primary tablet. A smaller screen might come in handy in the crowded bus situations, but that's the exception for me, not the norm. The norm is at home on my couch or patio, at work at my desk or a conference room, etc. In those cases, the extra 2 plus inches allows me to see full websites (not their mobile counterparts) easily, reduces scrolling, zooming, etc.

        Now that said, I think you're right in that there is a market void at present for Apple, but I think the cost of the current iPad offerings has as much to do with this market existing as it does the size. Tablets for many are more of a luxury item at this point, so while they might not be willing to drop $400+ on an iPad or 10" Android, they are much more willing to drop $200.

        And if you think the iPad is laughably big, take a look at the ZDNet feature of larger tablets that are on the horizon.
        • iUsers will have two iPads now?

          Are you serious about buying an iPad mini even though you have an iPad? That is ridiculous. Another example of iCult behavior you rarely see with any other tech brand.

          It's more of a hoarder/collector mentality.
          • Notice I said "tablet" not "iPad"

            But, just jump right in with your "i" insults.

            For the record, I have a family of 4, all of which use my iPad and my job requires some travel (which means said iPad isn't available to them while I'm away), so eventually having a second tablet (whether an iPad or not) is not all that much of a stretch. If it were just me, yeah, then I'd probably wait until my iPad is due to be replaced, but I have 3 other people all fighting to use it.
    • Nah

      A lot of the Android tablets are starting to sell because gaming is picking up on the platform and places like Gamestop selling them hasn't hurt.

      Yes the iPads have games but Android has dedicated controllers and an HDMI connector on many tablets as well as some great games that support them.
  • Still too big!

    Maybe they should make an iPod-Maxi instead of an iPad-Mini. If it doesn't fit in my shirt pocket it is left at home -- and what good is that. I always have my iPod with me but it would be nice if the screen were a bit larger.
    • um...

      "Maybe they should make an iPod-Maxi instead of an iPad-Mini."

      What exactly would be the difference between the two?

      Wouldn't an iPod Maxi, BE an iPad Mini?
      • Nope the iPod Maxi

        is iPod Touch with 5" screen.
        Ram U
        • LOL

          I really did LOL...

          Goodness I hope that was a joke.
          • :-)

            Yes, it was. :D
            Ram U