Apple takes app-based approach to health tech with HealthKit

Apple takes app-based approach to health tech with HealthKit

Summary: Don't expect Apple to come out with a FitBit of its own anytime soon. The iPhone maker is focusing on health from the inside of iOS.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Apps, Health, iOS

Last week, Samsung was all about the big data spewing out of the burgeoning tide of healthcare apps and wearables.

In contrast, Apple is taking more app-centric approach in promoting its healthcare tech strategy to consumers.

Introduced during the opening keynote of the iPhone maker's annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, HealthKit functions as a dashboard for a number of critical metrics as well as a hub for select third-party fitness products.

Users can input information about their diets and how they sleep while tracking calories burnt and blood pressure, among other body stats.

A wellness-minded version of the Passbook app had been predicted ahead of WWDC.

Still, the announcement of HealthKit counted for barely a pulse check amid the debut of iOS 8 considering how prevalent health-focused software and hardware has been in tech news since the start of the year.

Apple actually looks like it is just getting started on whatever it plans to do in the healthcare space.

Nevertheless, the Cupertino, Calif.-headquartered company is establishing a solid ecosystem of healthcare industry partners and experts first, starting with the renowned research medical group, the Mayo Clinic.

Other hospitals and medical groups already signed on for future contributions to HealthKit include Stanford University Hospital and Clinics, UCLA Health, and Sutter Health.


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Topics: Mobility, Apple, Apps, Health, iOS

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  • Well the one nice thing about that

    is you won't have to buy add-on doohickeys or wearables I guess. I wonder how they plan to avoid making the user type tons of stuff though?
    • Honest/accurate

      And make them report information to the app honestly and/or accurately. People who are overweight tend to under report their caloric intake.
  • No Thanks.

    I will stick with my Doctor...

    Apple has run out of ideas to milk money from consumers...
  • Healthkit. Really?

    What's the obesity level in the States?
    You think all the tubbies want to know how much chip fat is coursing through their veins, or that they have managed to walk 52 meters on the last 45 days.
  • Eh..

    I, for one, was underwhelmed. Maybe they're saving the fireworks for the release of the iWatch.