Apple to begin manufacturing some Macs in the U.S.

Apple to begin manufacturing some Macs in the U.S.

Summary: The move will cost the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant around $100 million, but what the company loses in cash, it is likely to gain in goodwill.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has announced that the company will begin manufacturing some Macs in the U.S. starting next year.

"Next year, we will do one of our existing Mac lines in the United States," Cook said in an interview that is scheduled to be broadcast later today on "Rock Center" on NBC.

Moving some Mac manufacturing to the U.S. next year will cost the company $100 million, but what the company loses in cash, it is likely to gain in goodwill. Long criticized for manufacturing products abroad, Apple hasn't manufactured a single product in the U.S. since the 1990s.

Apple has not revealed which of its Mac lines is to be manufactured in the U.S., however. 

"I don't think we have a responsibility to create a certain kind of job," Cook said. "But I think we do have a responsibility to create jobs."

"When you back up and look at Apple's effect on job creation in the United States, we estimate that we've created more than 600,000 jobs now," he added.

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Cook also seems ready to admit to mistakes the company has made. In relation to the widely criticized iOS Maps app, he told NBC that, "we screwed up and we are putting the weight of the company behind correcting it."

It seems that Cook also couldn't resist fanning the flames of the rumor that Apple is interested in breaking into the TV market.

"When I go into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone backwards in time by 20 to 30 years," Cook said. "It's an area of intense interest. I can't say more than that."

Image source: Apple.

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • HMM

    It is just a small part of the company... Maybe they should consider building their phones and tablets here if they really want good will.
    • Methinks getting good will from some is beyond Apple's abilities.

      For in large part most of the bad will for Apple is not rational but silly emotional drivel.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • Good news for all.....

    Jobs will be created by moving some production to the US and Apple zombies will pay more for the already high priced products. Everybody wins!
    • Regarding "Good news for all..."

      Yeah Charles_B building in the US is more expensive so prices might be higher (but likely not). It's a shame you discount "US and Apple zombies" as lesser people instead of live and let live.

      So what is your favourite company and what are they doing for US jobs?
      • Don't blame him, he knows no better

        Calling people names simply because they choose a different brand is a sure sign of a simple minded person so he probably doesn't know what he is doing.
  • This is good news

    Now, I'm sure they'll harp on the point "buy Mac, because it's made in America, and you'll be keeping fellow Americans working" as the reason to buy a Mac, so I suspect the reason behind the move, but at the same time don't look a gift horse in the mouth - if it helps the economy, and your neihbors, then that's a good thing.
    William Farrel
    • Regarding "This is good news"

      William Farrel,

      I agree with you whole heartedly!

      There are many a time when I don't so all the better when we do!

      Have a good day!
    • I am sure we will hear that

      Which I have no problem with. I would feel even better buying a Mac if it was built here besides wasn't that supposed to be a big reason to buy Google's streaming device they had out for a short time this past year?
  • Positive Feedback People

    This is a good thing folks. Sure it is only one product line to start but it's something. Apple employs plenty of people in the United States and you can hate all you want on the price but their products are solid. I've had my Macbook for four years and it is still plugging along which is more than I can say for the Dell laptop we owned before that. Again I think it is important to look at the positives, good for Apple for bringing some jobs back to the United States.
    • My primary PC is now five years old.

      Still going strong...not a single problem. The PC I'm writing this on is three and a half years old...and I paid a mere $320 for it. Macs are no more reliable than PCs.
      • In all honesty, I wish I could dispute that opinion.

        However, warranty info is any corporation's valued trade secrets and not publicly published. Plus, I will not cite anecdotal evidence to prove or disprove that claim.

        Yet, for what it's worth, I will remind you of all numerous published Apple consumer satisfaction surveys that rank Apple at the top of all tech companies polled.

        There are only two logical reasons for those results (which I am sure you are aware of) other than Apple releasing excellent products that meet and exceed the consumer's wants and needs.

        Either defective products are dealt with in a very acceptable manner. Or, there are not that many defective products to adversely impact those satisfaction survey results.
    • I've had five Dell's and four H-P's... our household over the past fifteen years or so. All of them are still working well, or were working well when I donated them to local charities. Other than a couple of crashed hard drives and a cooling fan or two that went bad, all were extremely reliable.

      I strongly suspect that my experiences side with the majority of users.
      • To this day except you are not sure. First point how old are these devices

        in the first place? You never mentioned when purchased. Second point you don't actually know if they are still running. Third and likely the most important point they had hardware issues when you owned them!?! HUH!!!!

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
        • Thanks for making my point

          Let me explain, since you obviously are not grasping the point. The OP's implication was that Dell's fail quickly based on his experience with one unit. My claim for nine non-Apple laptops/desktops purchased over the course of the last fifteen years is that they were reliable. Since I typically keep them six-plus years, that is nine computers that were reliable for a total of fifty-four years of use.

          As to hard-drive crashes (three that I recall) and fan failures (one), of course Macs never have those, now, do they? Get a clue, Jim: Those are to be expected over the normal lifetime of a group of computers- they are moving parts and they simply wear out. And Macs are no better than PCs in that regard, since they're using the same parts.
          • And let me share some of my many Dell

            Stories. Like the dells that failed fresh out of the box;). Or the dells less than a year old which refused robot after only being moved from one desk to another. The reasonbeing the memory Simms were loose by the simple act of moving the CPU from one desk to another. It was a quality issue and a funny but annoying one. I'm betting if one made the effort they could find stories of Yugo owners who never knew a problem with said cars. If I really tried I could find a Yugo that still runs today... Still that would change the over all quality rep of the Yugo how?

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • You can do this all day, Jim...

            I could point to my entire staff of consultants running Dell laptops and my office running HP servers, and the fact that out of around 75 machines in use, we've had two laptops in the last seven years fail, both with bad hard drives (replaced within four hours of failure by an on-site Dell rep), and we've had one NIC and two hard drives fail in our server (both replaced within two days by an HP on-site rep, neither of which required a single second of downtime).

            Then of course, there was the laptop that got run over by the consultant's truck. Miraculously, that only resulted in a broken screen. Dell replaced that laptop the next day, save for the hard drive which the Dell technician swapped from the old laptop so nothing would have to be re-imaged. Hard drive was perfectly fine.

            I've also had Macs that have worked and those that have failed. I wouldn't put either brand above the other in terms of actual quality of parts or MTBF ratings - both are pretty average.

            I will say this though - when something DOES fail - I'll take Dell or HP's service over Apple any day.
          • Law of averages... Even the worst made computers

            will be found to be working some where. And some of them will work for years on end. Even the best made computers will have failures... Some right out of the box. Still I prefer to lay my bets on one side rather than the other.

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • Yugo

            Actually Yugo can and does run for a long time if you take care of it properly. Just take a look at its home country and how many Yugos (Zastava Koral 45 and its derivatives) can still be found there in running condition.
          • Personal experience matters. If the Dell I

            work.with fails... What does it matter to me if yours worked? If my Yugo in the states is and was junk... What does it matter if the are kept running in their home nation? Also I would be curios as to how they are kept running, and by US standards even IF running how the cars performance would be judged.

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • RE: And Macs are no better than PCs in that regard...

            So you dismiss the OP's comment because it doesn't equate to your experience regardless of the number of devices? Yet we are supposed to take your word for it that one is no better than the other because of your experience? Why does your experience carry more weight that somebody else's? Let alone the fact he actually had experience with both. There is going to be good and bad with any manufacture. Of the HPs, Dells, off brand PC and Macs I have had over the past few years the Macs have been more reliable and are far more usable after a few years. That's my experience and that will lead me to most likely buy a Mac but unlike you I don't think my experience rules the world and is the final word on the subject.