Apple to build datacenter in Hong Kong

Apple to build datacenter in Hong Kong

Summary: Apple's next datacenter will be built to service the growing market in Asia

2 is reporting that Apple will be building a major datacenter in Hong Kong, with a scheduled operational date in 2015.  This is the second major datacenter project for Hong Kong recently announced, as Google confirmed that they would be building a major Asia-focused datacenter in the same city back at the end of 2011.

9to5mac is reporting that their sources are telling them that the Apple datacenter project is being built on an unprecedented scale, with construction to start sometime in the first quarter of 2013. Given that Google’s first step was the purchase of seven acres of land for their Hong Kong datacenter facility, the scale of the Apple operation, if accurately represented, would be an amazingly large facility.

This could simply mean that Apple is planning on consolidating Asian operations in a single huge datacenter at one of the communication hubs for the continent. Google, for example, is also building a large datacenter facility in Taiwan, to also service their Asian customers, along with the facility in Hong Hong.

Apple’s plans for this datacenter make perfect sense as they move in to the largest and fastest growing market in the world for datacenter services and mobile communications. In 2011 Apple reported a 6x growth in their revenue from China over the previous year’s revenue.

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  • And it makes it easier for China

    to get information on all of it's Asian neigbors ;)
    William Farrel
  • Don't understand why they pick Hong Kong

    The land in Hong Kong is very expensive.
    Almost too expensive for a datacenter.