Apple to fix iOS Wi-Fi problems

Apple to fix iOS Wi-Fi problems

Summary: Apple didn't mention it in all the fanfare for the new iPad and the iPad mini, but it will soon be releasing a minor iOS update with a big impact: It should fix your iOS 6 Wi-Fi problems.

Fixes for Apple's iOS 6's numerous Wi-Fi networking problems will soon be here.

Apple's dirty little secret, which was kept out of October 23rd's iPad 4 and iPad mini's limelight, is that iOS 6, the new and popular operating system for iPhones and iPads, still has serious Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networking problems. Now, though, it appears that a new version of iOS 6, iOS 6.01, will be fixing these problems in the next few weeks.

According to BGR, Apple sources confirm that they're testing iOS 6.01. I've also been told by sources at one of the major telephone carriers that testing has indeed begun. This update will fix numerous problems. These include the horizontal lines bug, a problem with the camera’s flash not going off, and other minor problems. The real news as far as I'm concenred is that it will will fix iOS 6's spotty Wi-Fi and fix the truly costly problem of iOS 6 using expensive 3G or 4G instead of free Wi-Fi when both are available.

Apple quickly fixed one self-inflicted Wi-Fi problem. This initial annoyance had iDevices phoning home to Apple only to end up locking devices off the Internet. That was the easy one.

A host of other problems remain. These include iOS 6 users not being able to trouble connect with APs (Access Points) using WPA2 AES (Wi-Fi Protected Access II/ Advanced Encryption Standard) and some devices simply not being able to use Wi-Fi at all. We can hope that this forthcoming minor update will fix all these problems.

One problem that won't be solved though is Apple Maps. For that, you'll need to wait for, at least iOS 6.1 and it's all too likely that Apple Maps will still get you lost for long after that. Forturnately, there are many, better map alternatives for iDevices.

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  • "Fix" the Maps app?

    The app itself isn't broken. It's faster and more responsive than the antiquated Google App it replaced. The mapping tech itself, with those neat vector-based maps, is very smooth.

    What you're talking about is the server-side data, and that is improving, albeit more slowly than people would like.
    • not a google app

      Err nope, the old app is not a Google app. It just uses Google's map data. That's why in terms of features its a barren dessert compared with the real Google Maps! Its a pity more iOS users have never seen the real version, it would be a real eye opener, the sheer number of things you can use it for, your never out of it. As for vector based mapping, that's old hat now, the real version (and desktop version as well for that matter) has been vector based for over a year and a half.
      • So, where is the Google's Maps app?

        Ok, we get it, Apple's lousy programming etc. Where is the perfect Google Maps for iOS?
        The "real" one, that is.
        • its like Siri

          you need to upgrade to Android to get the full Google Maps.
  • Apple is fixing these problems too late

    Goodbye iPad, hello Microsoft Surface RT.

    Apple, you had your chance. I was a customer of yours for more than 2 years. You failed in your bid to keep me your customer. MS simply has done a better job than you have in releasing innovative, desirable products. That is why I'm switching. Goodbye Apple. I was your customer to lose, and you lost me.
    • Didn't you once tell me

      You were drunk when you bought the iPad? And does Maps really bug you that much?
      • WiFi really bugs me

        Apple has completely destroyed WiFi for me.

        Since upgrading to iOS 4.9, my iPhone 4 is horrifically slow.

        The iPad + keyboard combination I thought would work as a content creation device is an epic fail.

        Apple is anti-competitive and I like supporting the little guy. That's why I am going to support MS.
        • Wifi greyed out and enough is enough!

          Apple is not doing anything...

          Sign the petition!

    • Ah, toddy

      Microsoft Surface needs free advertising? If they are not paying you enough to buy yourself an real iPad man, simply quit! You could find better paid job. :)

      How do you know Apple devices have these problems? You have an iPhone/iPad with iOS 6? :)

      None of my devices with iOS 6 suffers from any of these "problems". So for now, I don't see a need to buy an Surface tablet :)
  • iPad WiFi

    Continuous problems from version 1. I rented one for two weeks for some compatibility testing and it kept losing WiFi. I also suprised there hasn't been more said about the IOS 6 problem of having cellular and WiFI run at the same time, but use the cellular link - it's cost people in Australia lots of money, although I believe Apple quietly fixed it for Verizon customers.

    Has there ever been an iAnything released without WiFi problems?
    • Since the trolls won't believe me

      There's a million of them, just type "ios 6 wifi cellular data problems" into Bing (oops sorry I meant the advertising company) and you can collect them all ;-)
      • Nice try

        But, did you actually observe these problems?

        I have an iPhone 4S and new iPad that are running iOS 6. Both connect to WPA2-AES encrypted wifi network (at two locations at least) and I have never, ever seen anything like this "use cellular over wifi" ever since iOS 6 was released. I use both devices daily and heavily. As soon as they "hear" the wifi they get connected there. Stay connected even when wifi is barely usable. (here, I would rather prefer them switch to 3G)

        In my family there are two other iOS devices, older generations, that too, run iOS 6 and are used heavily and they too, connect to the same WPA-AES encrypted network and use wifi/3G.

        I would call all this complete nonsense, although someone might just have buggy wifi APs or something.
        • I can tell you it's really happening

          I have personally observed this. I have iOS6 on my iPhone 4S, and the costs I've wracked up on my data plan are outrageous ($50 in "overages" last month!). It spottily connects to wifi at home and at work and then will suddenly drop it. I either have to restart my phone or reset the network settings. Basically, I might get 20 minutes of wifi out of it, before I have to restart my phone. This is not something I should be doing with an $800 phone.

          In contrast, I have a new iPad (3) that does NOT have iOS6 installed and I have zero problems connecting to the SAME wifi networks that my phone can't manage to stay on.

          Seriously, iOS6 users should think about a class action to get money back for all of their 3G data overages costs. This is driving me nuts.
  • Funny thing though

    My wife and daughter both use iOS 6 devices. Both work flawlessly. Perhaps because I have reasonably recent wireless networking equipment.

    While not scientific, it means that if a wireless router followed the wireless N standards, everything works. Seems to be the routers that didn't follow standards at fault.

    As usual Steven bashes Apple just out of spite instead of reporting the real news that if you buy a router that daid DRAFT standards, you may need to do a upgrade to make everything work.

    Good work, bash apple rather than the router makers really at fault. Good on ya.
    • Sorry cynical... it's really happening

      Like I told the above user, it's painfully obvious is not the networks. My iPad that does not have iOS6 connects painlessly to my work and home wifi networks, while my phone continually drops the signals. After which, I cannot re-connect to them until I restart my phone (it won't even show the networks near me - which is crazy, since I live in an apartment building and there are dozens of them at any given time)

      No, I love my Apple products, but this is ridiculous. It's been months. This should be fixed.
  • No 3G since IOS 6.01 upgrade

    Like an idiot I accepted the IOS 6.01 upgrade yesterday, only to find Apple's fix appears to be completely disabling my 3G data so no connection is now possible.
    3G worked fine yesterday and now won't connect, even though signal strength is excellent.
    Reset network settings, restarted etc and no joy.
    • 3G again :)

      My apologies Apple! Was apparently an issue with my carrier and is resolved now.
  • Yes Fanboy (Danbi), we have personally seen

    Same issue as that reported by others since this past summer ad naseum. Danbi et al protestations to contrary, Apple Support forums, press, Genius Bars, and Tech Support all aware... In short, iPad 3, upgrade to iOS 6 this late summer, constant problems since then. WiFi drops connection every few minutes, strength fluctuates, constantly having to reconnect. Wife's iPad 3, still on 5.x, no issues whatsoever. Me, before upgrade, no issues whatsoever. iPad 1 on 4, no issues whatsoever. All other devices on WiFi, incl Win OS laptops, Android devices, no issue whatsoever. ONLY iOS6. Upgrade to .1 has not corrected. You can post all the self deluded snide commentary you care to, get your undies in a bunch, but it is a legitimate issue. Apple apologists notwithstanding, inexcusable no response, as, in my mind, worse fiasco, affecting more and more fundamentally (basic device usefulness) than the much covered maps issue. And given iOS only variable, obvious there's a problem. Worst device experience, hands down, to date.... this from someone using and developing for Apple prods since 1980s. So, no MSFT or Google fanboy either. C'mon Apple, just fix it.
    • And, yes, Cynical, we know how to network

      Wow, really? Yes, reasonable N wireless router (Cisco / Linksys Ea4500 N900 Dual Band, running a dozen different devices, mult Apple, Android, and WinOS, that good enough Pal?). Again, read the Apple Support Communities...
  • Always use the Other option

    I saw this fix on another post and can attest that it works. I suffered from dropped connections and forgotten passwords, on both an Ipad1 and Ipad2, on both a Netgear and a TPlink router. Solution - Always use the Other option to manually enter network name, security type and password.