Apple to open flagship store in Dubai: report

Apple to open flagship store in Dubai: report

Summary: According to reports, the tech giant plans to open its largest retail location to date in the Middle East.

Apple store in Covent Garden, London. Credit: Apple

Dubai will host Apple's largest retail location to date, according to reports surfaced from the Middle East.

As spotted by MacRumors, Middle East website reports that Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates will host a new Apple store, which will serve as the US firm's first flagship store in the Middle East.

The publication says:

"Our undisclosed source said that the store -- which will be the biggest Apple has ever built -- was originally planned to replace the current cinema complex. The timing of the recent job adverts suggests the store could have a planned opening for the first quarter of 2015."

Last week, as spotted by ifo Apple Store, the tech giant posted job openings based in the United Arab Emirates. Although no timeline was given for the construction of an Apple location, the job listings included the full range of store positions including Manager, Store and Market Leader, Creative, Specialist, as well as posts for degree holders interested in the 24-month Apple Store Leader Program.

The opening of a flagship store in the Middle East makes sense in order to expand Apple's global customer base, especially considering Apple CEO Tim Cook's visit to the UAE earlier this year, where he met Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.

In related news, the iPad and iPhone maker's shares were valued at $100.53 at market close yesterday. Despite the surge, this does not mean that Apple stock is worth more than ever before, as the firm is in the midst of a $90 billion share buyback program -- but financially, the company remains a strong player in the tech industry.

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  • Errrr

    Surprised they haven't opened up one there. They should rake it in with the rich and other snobs there.
  • lulz

    Match made in heaven. Horrifyingly bankrupt culture of over leveraged debtors and a computer company that provides no actual competitive advantage or benefit, merely shiny packaging and weak software. Why didn't they do this years ago? I suppose they could even release a version of OS X that forbids females from accessing it. The possibilities for cultural abortion are endless.
    BridgeT Roll