Apple to reveal new iPads, MacBooks at October 22 event: Here's what we know so far

Apple to reveal new iPads, MacBooks at October 22 event: Here's what we know so far

Summary: Twice in two months, Apple is ready to talk about what it's working on. We're expecting a bevy of new hardware, including iPads, and a refresh to the MacBook lineup.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPad, Mobility

Apple confirmed on Tuesday it will hold an event next week on October 22, likely to launch the next-generation iPad models, including the iPad mini. Also on deck, we're expecting to see other hardware included in the lineup, not least the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

The technology giant sent sister site CNET an invitation this morning, reading: "We still have a lot to cover." It's not a huge surprise, seeing as Apple chief executive Tim Cook said on its fiscal second quarter earnings call that it has some "really great stuff" coming in the fall, and in 2014.

While details of the event remain on the most part under wraps, the date of the event was uncovered more than a week ago

The event will start at 10 a.m. PT (1 pm ET; 6 pm GMT) at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Apple announced the premium iPhone 5s and low-cost iPhone 5c at an event in September. Following an adjusted release cycle last year, new iPad models were not to be expected until at least October, just ahead of the lucrative December holiday season.

As for the MacBook range, Apple only recently updated its MacBook Air with the latest Intel Haswell chips, in which the firm promised "all-day" battery life. Though the Mac Pro got a major redesign, there wasn't a peep out of Apple on the MacBook Pro lineup. We're expecting at least a new MacBook Pro at the October 22 event, and perhaps a new and improved MacBook Air.

With this, the technology giant will also likely announce the launch of its next-generation desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks.

Apple sent out the "gold master" version of the software to developers on October 3, allowing app makers to finalize their desktop software with the new features and application hooks. It lands with multi-monitor support; desktop-versions of Apple Maps and iBooks; improved notifications; and new battery-saving technology, such as "App Nap," which can help conserve power. 

CNET will be live on the ground reporting what the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant is cooking up. Meanwhile, ZDNet will have the breaking news and the analysis to follow.

In the meantime, here's everything we (think we) know so far:

For Apple's new iPad, it's (r)evolution, baby

Andrew Nusca, ZDNetThinner, lighter, more productive. So what? With the next-generation iPad, there's a bigger storyline underway.

What I'm expecting from the 'iPad 5'

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNetWhat can we expect from the rumored upcoming iPad 5? Faster processor? Fingerprint reader? More storage options? Cheaper tablets? Here's what I expect from the new iPad.

Thinner iPad coming? Inquiring case vendors want to know

James Kendrick, ZDNet: Rumors of a thinner iPad 5 have the tech world ramping up for the speculation that always precedes the Apple launch event. Odds are the companies that make iPad cases are already scrambling just in case.

64-bit iPad 5 to hit PCs where it hurts: corporate, says analyst

Brooke Crothers, CNET: Apple's new iPads will put more pressure on PC shipments in the coming years, Deutsche Bank said Monday.

The world (sadly) continues to wait for the next iPad mini

Rachel King, ZDNetBasically my sob story about my endless, foolhardy wait for the iPad mini 2.

New 64-bit iPad 5 will pile more pressure on beleaguered PCs, analyst claims

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNetDesktop virtualization and iPad deployments in the enterprise sector is expected to put further pressure on PC sales, and Intel's Haswell processors and cheap ultrabooks might not offer OEMs much hope.

Touch ID found to fit snugly in iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 parts 

Josh Lowensohn, CNET: Apple's latest touch security technology may be headed to its next round of iPads, a new video suggests.

Walk through iOS 7 on the Apple iPad (gallery)

Matthew Miller, ZDNet: iOS 7 has been released as a free update to the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This screenshot gallery shows off the new look, feel, and functionality. 

Rumored 12-inch 'MacBook' could be an iPad convertible

Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet: A financial analyst predicts that Apple will release a 12-inch Retina MacBook in mid-2014, but I think that it could be a larger iPad with a detachable keyboard.

iPad 5 goes slim, space gray in latest batch of leaked photos

Lance Whitney, CNET: Sporting a space gray paint job, the upcoming new iPad is the star of a series of alleged photos from Sonny Dickson.

Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX is serious competition for Apple's iPad mini

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet: With a $100 price advantage over the ipad mini, and an app store is well stocked with quality apps, those looking for a tablet for home, BYOD or enterprise might well find that the Kindle Fire HDX ticks most, if not all, the boxes.

Apple releases iOS 7 for existing iPhone, iPad upgrades

Zack Whittaker, ZDNet: The Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant dishes out its latest mobile operating system, which to even long-time using iPhone and iPad users will be a welcome fresh lick of paint.

Possible iPad 5 Smart Covers shown off in video

Josh Lowensohn, CNET: What look very much like new Smart Covers for Apple's next iPad crop up weeks before the tablet is expected to be announced.

One month with iOS 7: An old soul with style and substance (review)

ZDNet: While the revamped user interface takes some getting used to, iOS 7 packs a powerful punch in the new features department, even if it requires a little relearning at times.

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPad, Mobility

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  • They'll hold an event to announce evolutionary products?

    And the iSheeple will fawn all over it. I'll tell you how it's going to go:

    - Apple gives some talking points as to the success of the products, how much they've sold, and how people like them.
    - Apple will introduce some minor new thing. People will yawn.
    - Apple will annonce the new and improved products. People will be happy but disappointed.
    - Repeat the next time around.

    We've seen it how many times now?
    • Seen it before....

      ...with Android
      • Uh huh..

        At least some Android products come with at least 2GB of RAM. What was Apple thinking with pairing a 64bit processor with only 1GB of RAM?

        I bet they're doing the same with the newer iPads. I'd love to see people really multi-task with only 1GB of RAM.
        • It works well enough.

          Considering that most iOS software is still written for 256MB devices (iTouch 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1) and iOS 7 doesn't leave much going on in the background, 1GB of RAM is plenty for software that doesn't do much of anything in the background. Only recently have games started coming along that require an A5-powered device (iPad 2, iPhone 4s, iTouch 5), and those devices have 512MB of RAM and can do AirPlay Mirroring while running those more advanced games.

          Even the 512MB iOS7 devices (iPhone 4, 4s, and iTouch 5) run multiple things well enough. 512MB on an Android device running any version of Android after 4.0? Not so much, since Android OS has become much heavier in the last year and a half than it ever was when we knew it as Gingerbread.
      • Not even close.

        Apple has been hold events for almost every version of the iPhone / iPad. And the press, and Apple fanbois, eat it up as if there's something special about them.
        • On the news last night, they mentioned something of what you're saying

          The newscaster reports something along the lines of "With the new iPhones just released, fans of Apple's iPhone are already anxiously awaiting the next version of the iPhone, the iPhone 6 that will be coming out next year....".

          Personally I couldn't understand the placement of the story, as it didn't mention this upcoming event, nor related to anything else.

          It seemed so "out of the air".
        • Because they really are.

          Every event Apple holds is special. There are no others events more special than Apple's events. Because Apple knows how to deliver a product starting from its unveiling and finishing with its marketing. The rumour mill about Apple's new product starts circulating across the Internet 3 months before the day, when it should happen. And this is, of course, because there is nothing speciall in Apple's products.
          Maria Davidenko
          • Who knows?

            If you're lucky, you may even get on stage with a couple of pom-poms and an Apple cheer to recite!

            Good Luck!
          • :-)

            I always thought you've got a good sense of humor. ZDNet is a good place to show it. :-)

            Good luck!
            Maria Davidenko
        • You eat it up as well

          You probably pay MORE attention than an apple fan does. you listen very closely at the live events and cross reference everything so you can find something negative to post. It's pretty sad actually.
          new gawker
        • Yet I've never see you comment

          On the Windows Fanboys/Trolls, the "MS Sheeple". Or do you think they're somehow better?
          I hate trolls also
        • Apple fanboys eat it up

          That's because Apple products work. Read CNETs latest article on all the things that do not work on the Samsung Note 3.
    • I disagree (wink, wink)

      New design will include revolutionary new colors for the covers on all iPad and MacBook devices.... invented by Apple of course. I am sure there is a design patent on this.
      • Except for the "UPS Brown" iPod Touch and iPad.

        That particular shade of brown actually is copyrighted by UPS.
    • Are: people will be happy buy disappointed

      Good. Inventing new emotional states of humans. What next?

      Awfully beautiful?
    • Translation: I equal all people.

      So if I yawn, it means all people yawn. Oh, and those lines you see? Those aren't people. Those are sheep. Because they don't belong to my herd.
      • Flock, not herd

        And don't forget there are some wolves and foxes out there.
    • Ye Asks Again

      Why do we all bother?

      We all ask Ye, why do you?

      Side note: CNet got the invite, not ZDNet. Hmm.

      Second Side Note: "What We Know" in the title and, yet, I don't see where Mr. Whittaker really knows anything and, in facts, relies on expectations and rumors.

      Oh well, not to say that any one is wrong. Though, I'll leave with this suggestion, don't count your boredoms before the Como sings.
      • Re: CNet got the invite, not ZDNet.

        This is happening all the time. Interesting. Is ZDNET not visible to the large vendors? Or they know the internal links and not bother with the subsidiaries?
    • Get used to it

      Because this is what ALL events will be like for the mobile world from now on. You think Samsung or google has anything more than what you listed in store for their events?
      new gawker