Apple touts app lead, nearly 20 billion downloads in 2012

Apple touts app lead, nearly 20 billion downloads in 2012

Summary: The statement from Apple was a bit of chest thumping as Google touts its Play Store and courts iOS developers.


Apple said that more than 40 billion apps have been downloaded on iTunes from 500 million active accounts.


In addition, almost 20 billion apps were downloaded in 2012. In December, more than 2 billion apps were downloaded.

The statement from Apple was a bit of chest thumping as Google touts its Play Store and courts iOS developers. Amazon's Kindle Fire platform is also attracting developers. Apple also added that it has more than 775,000 apps for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

As for raw dollars, Apple said it has paid more than $7 billion to developers. Apple also highlighted Imangi Studios, which created Temple Run, as well as Autodesk.

According to a May study from Rogue Amoeba via Ars Technica, making money on the App Store is more of a lottery and finding apps is difficult. Rogue Amoeba found that 59 percent of apps don't generate enough revenue to break even on developer costs.

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  • Living in the Now

    They are touting this because reports came out saying Android will surpass iOS in Apps this year.

    I guess, this is all Apple has left to hang onto.
    • Not in tablet applications anyway: Apple has now over 300 000 iPad apps

      The difference in both quantity and quality is till huge. But, of course, Android is advancing, this is true.
      • Today is an odd numbered day

        So today, app counts count.

        On even numbered days, app counts don't count.

        Defend the hive.

        PS Which of those 300,000 ipad apps is MS Office? None of them? Oh.
        • "Which of those 300,000 ipad apps is MS Office?"

          No one cares; almost every major company in the world already uses iOS devices and they are perfectly fine that it has no MSOffice.
          • Show us the studies and the numbers to back up your assertions.

            Inquiring minds want to know, and the truth is always better than wishful thinking.

            So, please provide the links where "every major company in the world" already uses iOS. Using and being productive with them are 2 different things. So, operate with that concept in mind.
          • Studies are published every quarter; 95% of Fortune 500 companies use iOS

            ... devices, including tens of companies with quantities like tens of thousands units.
          • Show me/us the studies...

            Repeating your assertion is not proof.

            That a company might have executives using iPads or iPhones, does not mean the same as the company using them to conduct business with them. My wife's company equips its staff with iPhones for business, but, that's one company, and I'm pretty sure there are others, but, I'm not aware that 95% of companies use iOS to conduct business.

            However, I noticed how you changed from "every major company" to 95%, and then to "tens of companies". The US alone has hundreds of major companies, and many thousands of medium-sized companies, and millions of businesses. Your "tens of companies" is nowhere close to all or even 95%.

            So, find those studies which "are publishes every quarter". The studies which are published every quarter are the earnings reports that most major companies put out, but the breakdown of devices used is something different, and I'd like to see the studies, if they exist.
          • Troubled reading?

            I wrote "almost every major company" and then "95% of Fortune 500", which is the same thing, no change.

            And the research is by Forrester, so there is no way to contest it by whoever's wishful thinking "oh, I hate Apple hence I am going to deny facts".
      • iOS Tablet app count high means bad UI design

        Android doesn't need TABLET specific apps because the UI is very scalable. Most apps are designed to work with ANY screen resolution and aspect ratio.
        iOS needs tablet apps because developers typically bit map their UI and when it changes from phone to tablet, the resolution change and aspect ratio means the app's UI turns to crap.
        The other reason is so the developers (and Apple) can CHARGE AGAIN the users for another version of the same app.
        There's now retina apps as well to fragment the UI even more.
        The tablet app count is high because iOS lacks UI scalability.
    • "I guess, this is all Apple has left to hang onto." - sickjim

      "I guess, this is all Apple has left to hang onto."
      The sick world of the 2-digit Microsoft gamer egoist creep just can't let Apple have any kind of "win".
    • That and 80% of the developer profits.

      Not a bad thing.
      • Lies, damn lies, and statistics
        "of the over 85,000 titles currently in the App Store, only a few hundred are believed to be capable of supporting full-time jobs."
        "Canalys research group estimates that half of all App store revenue from Apple and Google goes to just 25 developers. Pandora is the only non-game developer in the top 25."

        You have better odds of winning the lottery than you do of making money as an app developer in the apple app store.
        • The ods are better than on Android

          Where the app will be immediately stolen, fill up with malware and posted back the next day as free.
          • With Android, devs can sell apps DIRECTLY to customers

            In custom software solutions using tablets and/or phones, developers WANT to sell the apps DIRECTLY to customers. Android also offers the best range of form factors to run the software.
            Apple doesn't let you do that so iOS is out of the question. Android does and is the best platform for custom software.
  • Fools, damn fools and statistics

    ...can't be separated.
    Especially when you cherry pick.