Apple unveils new iPhones, iOS 7 (roundup)

Apple unveils new iPhones, iOS 7 (roundup)

Summary: Apple announced on Tuesday, after months of rumors, the iPhone 5S and 5C. Here's what you need to know, as well as a roundup of coverage from ZDNet, CNET, and CBS News.

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Apple on Tuesday kicked off this year's holiday with a brand new smartphone, the iPhone 5S, coupled with an emerging market device, the iPhone 5C. 

Despite the leaks, and the rumors proven true, Apple still had a few snippets of surprise up its sleeve.

The company's latest smartphone arrives in the same design as its 4-inch predecessor, but with an improved 64-bit Apple A7 chip. It will land later this month with iOS 7, packed with new features, a redesigned user interface, and plenty of improvements.. 

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The device is available for pre-orders on September 13, and consumers in the U.S., Australia, Canada, China, the U.K., and other countries, can buy in store on September 20. 

Think that's it? Think again. There's a lot to digest in the hour-long media event. Here's a roundup of what you need to know, from ZDNet and sister-sites CNET and CBS News.

Apple launches iPhone 5C: Color, costs aimed at emerging markets

Larry Dignan, ZDNet: The iPhone 5C, one of two iPhone 5 replacements, gives Apple a high-low strategy on pricing. A 16GB version is $99 with two-year contract.

Apple announces iPhone 5S: What you need to know

Zack Whittaker, ZDNet: Apple announced the much-anticipated iPhone 5S at a media event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Here's the run down of what you need to know.

iPhone 5S in pictures (images) | iPhone 5C first look (images)

ZDNet: The premium next-generation iPhone 5S is sharp and refined, much like its predecessor, and comes in three metallic colors. Meanwhile its low-cost budget iPhone 5C retains the curves reminiscent of an older model, yet remains sleek and professional. Here are the first few snapshots of the two highly-anticipated devices. 

Apple's iPhone 5S event: By the numbers

Zack Whittaker, ZDNet: Amid the unveiling of the next iPhone, Apple executives dished out the latest on financial figures, sales and shipments, and other numerical nuggets.

What we didn't get from Apple's iPhone event

David Carnoy, CNET: As expected, Apple announced new iPhones at its press event in Cupertino, Calif. But there are plenty of other product refreshes still waiting for a possible October unveiling.

Apple's iWork free on all new iOS devices

Charlie Osborne, ZDNet: At today's keynote, Apple said that the $5-$10 per app fee for the iWork app suite will be scrapped. 

Apple announces iPhone 5S, 5C (pictures)

CBS News: Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple, speaks during the new product release in Cupertino, Calif., Sept. 10, 2013.

iPhone 5S, 5C to be released in Australia on September 20

Josh Taylor, ZDNet: Australians are set to be amongst the first in the world to get the new iPhone 5S and 5C, which will also work on Optus' new TD-LTE network.

iPhone 5C, 5S coming to U.K., France and Germany: Pricing and availability revealed

Jo Best, ZDNet: U.K. consumers will get a slightly better deal than their continental counterparts when the two Apple devices go on sale next week.

Japan's DoCoMo finally offers iPhones to win back customers 

Ellyne Phneah, ZDNet: Japanese mobile carrier has ended its iPhone holdout and offered Apple's latest smartphones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, after losing customers and market share to rival telcos in the country.

Apple's iPhone 5C misses the low-cost mark

Shara Tibken, CNET: The Cupertino, Calif., giant needs to sell more devices in places like China, but its new "low-cost" iPhone may not be low enough.

Apple iPhone 5C freakouts unwarranted

Larry Dignan, ZDNet: Wall Street really wanted Apple to go downmarket with an iPhone and grow volume at the expense of profit margins. Apple refrained and whining over the iPhone 5C ensued.

The iPhone 5S camera: What sets it apart

Andrew Nusca, ZDNet: Apple's newest mobile phone carries an improved camera, demonstrating how important this consumer feature has become.

iPhone 5S with Touch ID is a big win for BYOD security

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet: Apple takes security on the iPhone 5s to the next level by adding a new Touch ID architecture that incorporates a fingerprint reader directly onto the device. This will please both enterprise users and IT admins managing BYOD.

What we know about Apple's Touch ID (FAQ)

Seth Rosenblatt, CNET: Apple's iPhone 5S comes with a front-facing biometric reader, the fingerprint sensor Touch ID. Could this be the beginning of the end for the password? Here's what we know so far.

How is $550 for a 16GB Apple iPhone 5C an emerging market price?

Matthew Miller, ZDNet: Apple revealed a couple of iPhones today with different design elements and very similar pricing. The plastic iPhone 5C is not anywhere close to the value many of us thought it was going to be.

What's right (and wrong) with the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet: Apple has lifted the lid on the new iPhone, so it's time to take a look at what's on offer and see what's right and wrong with these flagship smartphones.

iPhone 5S vs. Motorola Moto X | iPhone 5S vs. Nokia Lumia 1020

Andrew Nusca, ZDNet: We compare features, specifications and more for Apple, Motorola's, and Nokia's latest flagship smartphones. 

2015: 64-bit ARM chips in iPhone 5S serve up taste of Intel-free future for Apple  

Jason Perlow, ZDNet: The most important thing that was heard at the iPhone 5S launch event was talk of a "Desktop-Class" architecture using 64-bit ARM chips of Apple's own design.

The iPhone 5S goes 64-bit: Will it matter?

Larry Dignan, ZDNet: The iPhone 5S' A7 processor is "desktop-class architecture". But what will developers do with it? 

How the Apple iPhone 5s can improve the parent-child relationship

Charlie Osborne, ZDNet: Can biometric technology make parents' lives easier in monitoring their children's activity on mobile devices?

iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor: The end of passwords?

Zack Whittaker, CNET: Apple's addition of a fingerprint reader in its latest smartphone, the iPhone 5S, is part of its strategy to double down on device security. 

iPhone launch: The thrill is definitely gone

James Kendrick, ZDNet: Apple threw its big iPhone launch bash and in spite of the tech industry's best efforts to whip everybody into a frenzy it fell short. Unlike many years past, there wasn't much announced we hadn't heard before.

iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C vs. iPhone 5: Specs compared

Brian Bennett, CNET: See how Apple's two new iPhones stack up against last year's number.

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • What?

    "Apple on Tuesday kicked off this year's holiday with a brand new smartphone, the iPhone 5S, coupled with an emerging market device, the iPhone 5C. "

    Exactly how is this an emerging market phone?
    • It isn't and was never intended to be

      But the "journalists" who made it a do or die for Apple to have one are going to continue pretending it is. The actual emerging market phone is the 4S which is now free with contract.
      • hey bagger

        Read the quote first ok? Just asking how he could justify the statement. By the way emerging markets for the most part do not have contract subsidies so the price for the 4s is till over $250
        • or is it

          a new market that wasn't there before until Apple said it was
  • Only One Major Advance

    And that was the introduction of the cappuccino-colored iPhone.

    Sure, a few gizmos and gimmicks, and a couple of under-the-hood advances that 99% of users will never be conscious of (nice touch!).

    But the cappuccino-colored iPhone? Revolutionary, guys, just revolutionary.
    • You mean like..

      All the great features of other devices that we hear the Apple haters going on and on and on about yet the vast majority of users will never be conscious of? Oh that's right, if it's Apple it's got to be bashed.
  • Talk and Surf on Verizon

    Now I have a question that I believe a lot of Verizon customers want the answer to.

    Many of us where anticipating a quad core processor or multiple radios that would allow us CDMA Verizon wireless customers to talk and surf at the same time.

    I heard nothing about a second radio or a multi-processor. Will the 64 Bit ARM processor let us achieve talk and surf?
    • not that I've ever heard of

      Pretty sure you still need two radios for that
  • The pricing is insane...

    ...for these things. I laughed when people said the Lumia 1020 was too expensive at $299. Yet on contract the 5C is as much as the now discounted 1020 and the 32GB 5S is $299. I am guessing there won't be any backlash from the tech media though, nothing like "the price is a little steep at $299 on contract", etc. The Apple world is a different place for sure and not a place I care to go.
  • 5S

    Nice work. I'm not in any hurry to get rid of my 4S which has worked fine but, sure, a 5S would fill the bill nicely.
    Max Peck
  • The iPhone 5C is...

    a cheaper version of the iPhone 5 so guess what? Apple makes more profit on the 5C than they would if they continued to make the 5 and sell it for the 5C price. Pretty smart.
    Old EE