Apple unveils the iPhone 5 (photos)

Apple unveils the iPhone 5 (photos)

Summary: Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5, which it claims is the "biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone". Here's a visual tour of what the new handset brings to the table.


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  • Apple unveiled its next-generation iPhone to the world - the iPhone 5. However, if you've been keeping up with the hardware leaks over the past few months then the handset revealed today will be very familiar.

    Image source: Apple.

  • Apple continues with its thinner and lighter mantra. 

    The iPhone 5 is 18 percent thinner (down to 7.6 mm) and 20 percent lighter (down to 112 grams) than the iPhone 4S. But it packs the punch of Apple's new A6 processor which offers twice the CPU and GPU power of the A5 processor inside the iPhone 4S.

    Image source: Apple.

  • The iPhone 5 features a brand new 4-inch, 1136 x 640 screen resolution, 326 pixels-per-inch, and a 16:9 aspect ratio retina display. This offers increased screen real estate compared to the older iPhone models, enough to let Apple add an extra row of icons on the screen.

    Image source: Apple.

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  • Can someone tell me which are the upgrades?

    I don't get it! Do you consider larger screen an upgrade or what ?!
    • You click on the next button near the top of the article to navigate

      I understand if it's confusing.

      Adrian has done a good job covering the new iPhone 5 features. A solid evolutionary upgrade for a great product.
      Richard Flude
      • ugghhh

        I just threw up in my mouth reading your Apple PR department response....

        Apple proved today they are incapable of innovation and are behind the industry. Please tell me what was innovative in today's announcement other than you need to buy a $20 cable now to use the new phone?
        • You are so right!!

          Apple cannot innovate anymore because they have to charge people for the Apple name... So to be competitive they have to lower the specs of the iphone by putting older technology in it to compensate the money space they charge for the Apple name...

          So, People! Get a Windows Phone 8 that will arrived in october... You will get a really better experiences for the money... I don't know what will the price of the New Nokia Lumia 920 when released, but, even if the it is in the same price range then the IPhone 5, it will be a better phone, more stylish and gives you a better users experience with a really better OS, incomparable OS then iOS...
        • It's not even about ability

          Apple isn't going to innovate. Historically, sure, they did. But they're not likely to do what most of us think of as "innovation" anymore. And that's actually a good thing for Apple and for the competition, at least for awhile.

          Apple is currently on top, far as single unit smartphone sales go. They have a formula that seems to work every year. And they've never actually needed to be market-leading. The first iPhone didn't have 3G, well into the 3G era... in fact, it shipped as a feature phone, not even a smartphone. The 3G version was just a 3G upgrade. The 3GS sped things up, but it didn' t matching the typical higher resolution of the current crop. The 4 improved resolution, and added, finally, a full 3G implementation, at the dawn of the 4G era.. and the still skipped 4G with the 4S. The 5 gets 4G and a larger screen, but still lesser than most of competition.

          It doesn't matter... the formula works. Apple may well sell 10M of these by the end of the money, and 25-30M by the end of the year.

          Innovation is successful risk. They have no place for that. When you do something a little crazy, and it works, that's innovation. The main reason you do that is to move your thing ahead of the competition, and it entails the possibility of failure. Motorola's RAZR is a good example... they gambled that the quirky, kind of anti-iPhone look, the kevlar, etc. would pay off. It was successful, and so they made four more RAZRs... start to finish, in-between the iPhone 4S and 5 introductions. And that risk, of course, mitigated by this being a new product line, and Motorola having a bunch of other smartphone models now. Apple in their current strategy can't really do this, even.
    • Catchup Time

      Just trying to keep up with all those pesky Androids...wonder if They can now sue Apple for design infringements?
  • No Wonder Apple Went To The Trouble Of Suing To Get Those ...

    … older Samsung models off the market. It has nothing to compare to them.
  • New iPhone?

    The 'new' enclosure looks even duller than the previous ones. I guess there's only so much you can do if your supreme design innovation happens to be a simple old rectangle.
  • Oh come on!

    It's not just a rectangle, it's got rounded corners! Can't you see the difference? Actually, the idea of having another row of icons is revolutionary too, so maybe that'll be another patent issue. And while we're on patents, can Samsung file for protection of the 4G/LTE patents that it has and stop sales of the 5? It would be poetic justice.
    • They May

      Then you also have HTC which a judge has initially commented on - for HTC.
  • For rhonin

    What was the HTC thing about? I missed that one.
  • In the Apple "Reality Distortion Field" it IS a breakthrough...

    ...because in that field, NO smartphones with those specs exists.
    Unluckily for Apple, they have simply created LAST year Android phone.
    With a proprietary connector.
    And without real bluetooth, NFC chip, onboard USB-on-the-Go etc. etc.
    How sad...
  • brake and clutch seals

    this is for apple know to make because sum sang nail them down a href="">brake and clutch spare parts
  • Apple ... come on....

    I think the new casing is cute but I think Apple fan will not like the fact that the iphone 5 is now more longer now.

    Also, is this iOS6 interface we see in the photos Adrian? If yes, apple keep the rounded glassy effects on icons and the graphical user interface witch is completely obsolete in 2012...

    Apple is now the new Microsoft and Microsoft is now the new Apple with their Windows Phones 8!!!
  • Phone is good, but not spectacular.

    IOS6? What does it bring to the table?
  • Connector - Has changed

    Um... The connector for recharging and connecting to other devices has changed...

    We will need adapter for all the gizmos we have purchased all ready....
  • Today...

    I had sex with my iPhone 5 for the FBI and found God.
  • Apple Gadgets

    What was it that P.T. Barnum once said? Oh yes..."There's a sucker born every minute".

    -Tom Walker