Apple wins block on Samsung Galaxy Tab in Australia

Apple wins block on Samsung Galaxy Tab in Australia

Summary: A judge in Australia has ordered a temporary ban on sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, pending a full hearing into whether the device infringes on Apple's intellectual property

TOPICS: Legal, Piracy

Apple has been awarded an interlocutory injunction by the Federal Court of Australia against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The ruling means that the product will be kept off Australian shelves until a full patent case can be heard.

Justice Annabelle Bennett read from a summary judgement text in Sydney on Thursday, saying she had evenly weighed the balance of convenience to determine which party would be most inconvenienced by a judgement made either way. The balance of convenience was almost evenly weighted, but the balance eventually fell in favour of Apple, Bennett told a packed out courtroom.

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Topics: Legal, Piracy

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  • its about time that Apple and Samsung said enough is enough and let the general public decide for themselves. This is starting to look like Apple is trying to monopolise the tablet industry and its biggest rival is the main target. The public should be given the choice of what they want not what they are told to have. Apple may well produce some good pieces of technology but so do many others and no doubt there will be more in the future.
    All these judges around the world that are deciding the fate of a piece of consumer technology need to listen to what the public wants and not some big corporation who start to sulk like a mardy child when they get threatend by competition.
    It is partly down to Apple's heavy handed approach to competition that I will not buy or recommend their equipment.
  • No, it is about time that Apple's competitors stop copying Apple's products. This has been going on now for over 30 years and I'm sick of it. I don't understand people that think it's okay for someone to come along and steal - outright and absolutely - Apple's software and hardware. Where the heck does Samsung and Android get off thinking they can just boldly copy the iPad and get away with it? Anyone that supports this kind of out-and-out theft is out of their mind.

    This isn't about "choice", as a matter-of-fact it is about everything BUT choice. If Samsung and Android had come up with a completely new device and interface and that competed with Apple's, that would be "choice", but that's not the case. Samsung and Android have copied the iPad, pretty much every aspect of the hardware and the interface. That is not "choice", that is theft. That is not "competition", that is stealing. It's that simple.

    I'll bet one thing, 334429, if you created something new and different, something everyone said was going to fail, and then it became a big hit and everyone and their brother started copying it and stealing your creation, you'd be singing a far, far different tune right now. I bet you wouldn't be talking about "choice" and "competition" then, you'd be fuming mad and suing everybody (and rightly so).

    Only a fool sits idly by while someone steals their hard-earned property. You know what thieves do when they steal something and get caught? They deny, they lie, they make excuses and they blame the victim. That is exactly what you're doing. You're blaming Apple for catching someone stealing their property and then complaining that Apple is "unfair". Riiiiight. Stealing someone's hardware design, interface and pretty much everything else isn't "unfair", but rightly bringing someone to justice for stealing is? I hope you never have jury duty.

    There is no way to defend or justify this position. Instead it smacks of the sour grapes-type whining and ranting that PC fanboys do because they hate Apple and anyone that buys Apple. Apple isn't some "child sulking", instead they are one of the most successful companies in the world because they've DONE THE HARD WORK THAT OTHER COMPANIES WON'T DO! Instead, other companies want to be lazy and simply let Apple do the innovation and then come along like lazy thugs and steal it all. Well, guess what? That isn't right and Apple is completely justified in suing, and the reason they're winning is because any sane, truthful person who has even a scintilla of a sense of right and wrong knows that what these companies are doing to Apple is dead wrong.

    No one cares if you buy or "recommend their equipment". They sold 9 MILLION iPads in the last quarter. So, I think they'll continue to do just nicely without your purchases or "recommendations". Thank you. Go sulk in the corner like a "mardy child" while they continue to rake in the billions of dollars doing what everyone else won't do: innovate, create and market products that people want.

    By the way, no one outside of the Midlands, Yorkshire or Leicestershire knows what a "mardy child" is. Just thought you might want to know that.
  • Hmmm, Microsoft had tablets long before Apple. Your views strike me as a little militant.
    roger andre
  • Obviously there's a lot of copying or borrowing of ideas going on in this and every other industry.
    However, MS's concept of a tablet was quite different from Apple's - and I'm not sure that Apple have ever used the word tablet!
  • "No, it is about time that Apple's competitors stop copying Apple's products. This has been going on now for over 30 years and I'm sick of it."

    So there was no micro computer before the Apple I & II? (IBM? who suffered more from cloning than any other company)
    Personal computer before the iMac? (Apricot et al)
    Personal music player before the iPod? (Creative Zen?)
    Smartphone before the iPhone? (any HTC phone such as touch pro and HD2, amongst other brands)
    Touch tablet before the iPad? ( the idea and production of tablet PCs has been around for the past 10 years)

    Apple are not the innovators of all these products, but argubly they are able take a product, make it look irresistable and sell it by the bucketload. That's your choice. If you like their product and like being ringfenced in by the hardware you have bought, go for it.

    But please spare us the ignorant argument of making Apple look like the little boy in a playground of bullies.