Apple, Yahoo working towards extended iPhone partnership: report

Apple, Yahoo working towards extended iPhone partnership: report

Summary: Can Yahoo be a more prominent player in Apple's future products?


Would a deeper partnership with Yahoo mean Apple could lessen its reliance on Google services?

Yahoo, which has recently come under the control of CEO Marissa Mayer, is apparently in talks with Apple over making the company's services more prominent on the iPad and iPhone. According to The Wall Street Journal, the two Silicon Valley firms have been discussing how Yahoo services fit in to Apple's future.

Citing anonymous sources, the publication says that while preloaded applications on iPhones are powered by data from Yahoo Finance and other Yahoo data stores contribute to Apple's voice assistant Siri, possible deals could result in extended utilization of Yahoo information and services.

Deals may be reached which include an expanded Siri partnership or the possibility of using data from other Yahoo properties, including Yahoo News. However, no agreements are expected within the near future.

Expanding Siri, in particular, means that search functions are bypassed, but if Apple wants to rely less on Google's popular search facility, then one issue is Yahoo's partnership with Microsoft which powers Yahoo's search results. In 2012, Microsoft and Yahoo signed a ten-year agreement which was aimed at making Bing a rival for Google's search engine, but the results have not been as successful as Mayer expected. As a result, the 37 year-old CEO is looking at other avenues, and has admitted that the partnership is not as profitable as she hoped. 

Past problems between Google and Apple -- for example, the debacle over the latter's map offering -- notwithstanding, even if there is bad blood between the tech giants, it is unlikely Apple will once again offer a sub-par product before it is ready just to antagonize its rival and once again annoy its customers. However, according to the WSJ, the firm has recently met up with firms that have expertise in search, and so a search facility may be in the pipeline. 

Marissa Mayer has stated that mobile development is now a top priority for Yahoo, and she wishes to focus on the daily habits and expectations of consumers on-the-go. If an extended partnership with the iPhone and iPad maker is on the table, then this could help reverse Yahoo's recent fortunes and propel it further in the mobile software market.

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  • Microsoft should save Yahoo!

    Microsoft should not let Apple become another rival by offering services that M.S.N., Skype and offer now, by working together with Yahoo!, Yahoo! and M.S.N. could easily complete each other, and Yahoo! is succesful in many services Microsoft needs to be in, and a combined I.D. could easily be ''the password to the internet'' and beat both Gmail and unify the old web-sites from the 1st Dot-Com Bubble. Microsoft could expand their Windows 8 functionality with Yahoo!'s many services it is now struggling to keep due to low profits, and Microsoft has both the recources and talent to make Yahoo! work.
    Văn Minh Nguyễn
  • Apple doesn't partner

    ...and if they do, they have a hidden agenda. Be careful Yahoo. You missed your chance to partner with Microsoft who "was" serious about investing.
    Sean Foley
    • Partner with rivals

      They will partner with those that can add value to its ecosystem unless it is a rival or a product and service that makes sense for them to do. They may kick Nike to the curve next with a BT watch/ monitor, but only after Nike has helped them establish credibility in the area of health and fitness. One day, it may even make sense for Apple to make running shoes......Apple is not a ubiquitous source for financial information and can lease its platform to a services willing to maintain it.
  • It would be nice to have Yahoo be a serious 3rd player in search

    but I would be very concerned about any partnership with Apple. Their current plan of action seems to be focused on moving everything and anything they can in house.

    Maybe Apple is considering taking over Yahoo?
    • At this point

      Yahoo uses Bing, so... unless they go back to their own engine, it doesn't matter who takes over them. And I doubt Apple could make a search engine in any short amount of time.
      Michael Alan Goff