Apple's biggest store, Nasa tech, business iPhone apps and Enigma

Apple's biggest store, Nasa tech, business iPhone apps and Enigma

Summary: Photos of the month - August 2010

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Photos of the month - August 2010

    While August is just about to draw to a close, the month did see Apple open the doors to its biggest retail store yet.

    Located in London's Covent Garden, the Apple store is staffed by a massive 300 employees who demo Apple's kit and provide learning, training and support services in store.

    For more on the store, see Apple opens biggest store in London's Covent Garden.

    Photo credit: Apple

  • August also saw BlackBerry-maker RIM take the wraps off its new operating system for the device, BlackBerry OS 6.

    Flagship features of the revamped OS includes its WebKit browser - pictured above demonstrating tabbed browsing - along with better social networking integration, a simplified set-up system and a universal search function.

    For more screenshots of the OS, see BlackBerry 6 - how the new OS looks.

    Screenshot: RIM

Topic: Mobility

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