Apple's iOS 7 makes users sick

Apple's iOS 7 makes users sick

Summary: A flurry of complaints show that some iPhone and iPad users who upgraded to the latest operating system are physically feeling worse for wear.

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Credit: Apple

After upgrading Apple devices to the latest operating system, iOS 7, users have reported feeling physically ill because of navigation animations.

A number of users have taken to Apple forums to complain about the new OS update, saying that zoom and motion effects have resulted in nausea, headaches, hurting eyes, dizziness and motion sickness.

One user associated animations with car sickness, and others -- after using their Apple mobile devices for no more than a few minutes and feeling sick as a result -- chose to downgrade their operating systems.

A number of user comments are below:

"I thought I was going crazy today after I updated my phone and I noticed I was feeling queasy every time I used it. Now I see I am not alone! I just used my phone for about 20 minutes and now I feel like I'm going to vomit. There has to be a way to turn this off!"

"I have same problem. Zoom is just one unpleasant issue with OS7. Visually it is too bright and hard on the eyes. I like the functionality but the whole look is just jarring."

"I think another reason that it is making me uncomfortable is because there is so much white space on some built in apps like safari, calendar, mail. There is also a lack of consistency between the brightness of apps - eg the Spotlight keyboard is a pleasant gray shade, but switch to safari and up zooms a bright white keyboard. I'm finding that it is just not a pleasurable visual experience."

"Im having the same issues with dizziness from the animations. I reverted back to iOS 6.1.4 on my iPhone5. I love the new iOS7 design but the side effects of feeling sick made it a deal breaker."

"+1 for dizziness and nausea here, too. Called support earlier today and they told me it couldn't be turned off - the rep I spoke with was very pleasant, but didn't get anywhere with it. A "Classic Animations" option would be fantastic!"

Many of the forum users say they hope Apple creates a way to disable motion and zoom effects in a future update, and Apple has suggested emailing the developers and requesting a option or alternative zoom in the near future.

In the meantime, you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > and pick the "Reduce Motion" option, which may help on some iPhones. However, motion and zoom effects must be endured in iOS 7, or users have to downgrade back down to iOS 6 to avoid the problem.

We have reached out to Apple and will update if we hear back.

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • Journalistic stupidity

    This "IOS Motion Sickness" and the "Control Alt, Delete was a Mistake" stories are made for non-techie civilian journalists to have a way to look hip and cool. We live in an age when a positive comment is forgotten on page 54, while anything complaining, and the stupider the better, gets the headline.

    My S4's colorful screen makes me ignore work and surf the web on my phone all day. Pass it on.
    • While I agree

      It is curious if this proves to be a serious issue. I have to think Jobs had zero input on iOS 7 so this could be the first real software update without his mark. If it flops, that could be a turning point for the bandwagon Apple users.

      That said, this website has turned into click-bait central. I would estimate that over 2/3rds of the articles I read are utter crap.
      • Re: If it flops

        Like, after more than 200 million iOS users upgraded and most definitely like it?

        Whiners are gonna whine and nothing will change this. Not even Jobs.

        I too agree that ZDNET has degraded. But so is most of the "press".
        • Maybe

          Considering that Apple servers automatically download the update if you have your device connected to an electrical outlet and have a wifi connection. It doesn't prompt the user to download the update, it just does it and then the only thing the user can do is install it.

          That's bogus. You never see that type of forced control from Google/Android. The user can always choose to download or not.
          • Not really...

            Yeah, I've read that some (not all) iOS6 holdouts are having 7.0 auto-download on them, without actually requesting it. Then you have a huge download taking up almost a gig of storage, and you can't remove it without completely resetting your device. I guess if you want to make sure it doesn't download on you, make sure wifi is turned off when you're not using your device. Hopefully this will be remedied by Apple soon.
          • Not true laequis

            No one is ever forced to update. It is ALWAYS an option. You must not have any Apple devices or you would know that. Let the whiners whine, they always do and reporters are always looking for controversy so they will find the whiners.
          • Most users have no idea whatsoever what the update will look like

            The only time most people learn that the update to the OS is ugly or makes them sick is when it is too late.

            This has long been the downside of Apple devices. When they do things especially when, like the wonderful multi-finger gestures in iOS or on a MacBook trackpad, it feels like genius. But when they lag behind everyone else (like pre-control center or up until now with the inability to use split screen on iPad) or make a mess of your UI (like iOS 7), you have no way around it apart from jailbreaking your device, which Apple will also try to undermine.

            I remember how much better my iPhone 3G was when I jailbroke it and added a control center like interface. Then I got an Android phone and it was their on the vanilla setup. Granted, there are tradeoffs on all devices, but if Apple is going to go bold on an OS update, they are going to face a hit in customer satisfaction as old users see the update turn their phone into Times Square against their will.
        • The article is a legitimate concern

          The article is talking about people who were able to use smart phones but are having reactions to the poor redesign. This is a legitimate mistake on Apple's part.

          As for the number of upgrades, I upgraded my iPad despite how ugly iOS 7 is. The reason I upgraded was that it was ridiculous that up until now, Apple required you to go into the settings to turn things like wifi on and off. Since Apple was finally catching up with other OSes, I was happy to get that feature and figured I could just use Chrome for browsing to avoid the ugly new look of Safari and other apps. Hopefully they will get rid of the rainbow balloons icon for Gamecenter unless they are going to just focus on the Candy Crush crowd..
      • It is a real issue.

        Watching the Apple forums scroll by for only 20 minutes or so, I saw dozens of people mention the motion sickness problem. I get a little woozy myself when I'm at the main screen too long. There are a ton of other issues people are having, as well. Another common complaint is the difficulty reading the thin text on the bright white background. Also, a lot of the built-in apps only work part of the time, often displaying a blank screen instead. Lots of people have had different parts of their iPhones and iPads simply stop working completely. Others are constantly having to reset their devices to get things working again after they suddenly stop.

        By the way, the Apple forums are useless. If you post a list of the things you don't like about iOS7, expect to have your post deleted pretty quickly. Apparently Apple doesn't want feedback. More accurately, they don't want other people realizing that a lot of us are extremely unhappy with this upgrade (/downgrade.) I posted my own displeasure over a lot of the changes and within 60 seconds, I saw my post disappear. I posted complaining that my previous post had been removed and that too was quickly deleted along with me being locked out of their forums. Apple moderators have become the gestapo of their walled garden. They have a canned reply to every post asking how to restore back to iOS6 - "We do not support downgrades."

        I wonder how they expect to fix anything when they're deleting any negative criticism before others get to add their own voices. Plus voicing your displeasure gets a tongue lashing from the zealots who live on those forums. Unless you are a Kool-Aid drinking fanboy who gushes about everything Apple, you might as well avoid Apple's forums. They're useless. It's obviously a tight knit and exclusive club of zealous Apple cultists who attack anyone who has anything bad to say about Apple products. For those who don't believe there is a bias, realize you don't see them deleting the raves or attacks posted by the zealots.

        Apple is most definitely fallible. The iOS7 release was a major fail in my book. I've owned every iPhone since 1.0, iPads, and iPod Touches. After getting many thousands of dollars from me over the years, Apple has failed and abandoned me. This is the first time I've seen iOS become nearly unusable. Between iOS7 and the attitude you get from people on their forums, they've certainly killed any desire I had to buy a 5S or any other future iPhone. Nice job Apple. They've done everything they can to make me abandon their platform this year.
        • You'd think I'd have experienced it, and I don't

          I have meniere's disease, so very little of my balance comes from my ears... its all visual. And yet I haven't had a moment of vertigo with iOS 7.

          Still balance is a very funny thing, and works a little differently for everyone.
        • Apple ios 7

          BillDem, you are sooooooo right spot on. I can't believe how many people just accept anything apple throws out. There is no question that this company is struggling compared to it's pass successes. This new operating system is quite simply not very good. It looks like more of a downgrade. The interface looks like it was developed 10 years ago when the limitation was screen technology and expensive memory. I will say this much. I think the market (you and me and countless others) are going to punish this company in the near future.
        • Dull and one dimensional

          Agree. This downgrade was forced upon us. Visually dull, no depth, one dimensional. Haven't experienced any sea-sickness yet, time will tell no doubt.

          All my pads and phones now upgrading. Very disappointing and not what I signed up for.
          • Automatic IOS 7 upgrades???

            How do you get it to install *without* first accepting the Apple Terms and Conditions?
            It may download, but you have to install it. Even the move from 7.0.0 to 7.0.2 needed my acceptance before it would install on any of my devices.
          • But iOS 6 was very outdated

            Mythlandia, you really have only 2 choices: update to iOS 7 or stay in outdated OS. The command center was needed to get parity with functionality standard in Android for 2 years. The value add in that was so great that I was willing to endure the tacky new interface.

            Give the user themes to choose between.
        • Be Humble, Apple!

          If Apple do have people monitoring online comments and web sites like this, I hope you can get this message: The best testers of your products are the ACTUAL USERS who are using them everyday. They encounter use cases far more varied and comprehensive than your testers working in sterile labs. If you find substantial number of users having a problem and giving you a suggestion, please humble yourself a little and at least give it a serious thought. Perpetual unnecessary arrogance would only bring you DOWN eventually.
        • Makes me queasy

          Makes me queasy like car sickness, for real.
          Queasy from IOS 7
        • I noticed the apps working sporadically

          The new and extremely uglified Gamecenter has had a lot of issues for me post update on my 4th gen iPad. Often fails to load properly. I've also had weird behavior on app store.

          It is sad because despite how I despise so much about Apple, I think iOS is really well made for tablets. Navigating it felt good. Now I can't stand how noisy it is. I loved using 4 fingers to bring up a streamlined task list for app switching. Now I have to scroll through the tedious 'eye candy' of large thumbnails. On windows, I am almost strictly an Alt-Tab guy. I have little interest in Windows-Tab eye candy. The 4-finger left and right is still better than anything on Android, but I am really disappointed in the superficiality of some of the changes that trade function for façade.
    • the ultimate in ignorance

      When you don't know what your talking about and you prove it with a completely uninformed comment. Educate yourself, its a real problem for some people.

      Apple clearly wasn't smart in creating this useless effect. Its a pure waste of resources intended to be eye candy that backfired. File it under stupid human tricks. Ive face meet egg.
      • Not the first time

        Wolf -- Actually, Apple has been consistent in their use of "useless effects" to convey states and actions. From Lisa to the first Macs with the monochrome screens, they have used animations and icons to convey storage, disposal, selection, etc.

        When we asked Microsoft for good examples of what they wanted out of a Windows 1, then 2, then 3 program, they sent us an unreleased version of Excel that they had done for Apple that had many of the artifacts you think "eye candy". Much of this, of course, got into Windows, and the gazillion of GUI's that we now have -- because it works.

        But thank goodness I have somebody intelligent and informed to help me "know what I am talking about" so I am not forced to make "completely uninformed comments". I am guessing your education comes from hanging with Woz back in the garage humping lines of assembler into the 6502 to do that first Apple OS.(?)
        • Fail

          Your excuse is irrelevant, you attacked the author out of ignorance and dismissed the condition out of ignorance and you fail to acknowledge you are wrong. Maybe you need more help, I can recommend some good professionals for you.