Apple's iPad Air: First look, in pictures (gallery)

Apple's iPad Air: First look, in pictures (gallery)

Summary: The fifth-generation tablet, the iPad Air, retains the curves and design of its predecessors, yet is lighter and thinner. Here's the first few snapshots of the long-awaited device.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPad

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Topics: Apple, iOS, iPad

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  • Oh!!

    I see. It's just exactly the same as my iPad 2.
    • you better get some glasses then.

      even visually they are not the same and if you never put your ipad 2 next to a 3 or 4 and noticed the screen resolution you definately need glasses.

      Its not like the other tablets makers are doing anything amazing or different either! Just up the specs each year.
      Justin Watson
      • Surface is way better

        Kickstand, USB, MicroSD, 16:9 widescreen, Side by side apps, and tons of apps now in store. Seriously, the Surface is a far superior device. iPad is simpler, thinner, thats about it.
        Sean Foley
        • Surface has its points but...

          Your obsession on bullet point comparisons totally misses the much larger ecosystem of the iPad. This is every bit a reason for many to buy and use iPads as it was to buy Windows over any other desktop OS.

          Personally I think the Surface looked very promising when it was first demoed. The problem is that I think it still looks very promising years later. MS is behind big time here. It's a good solution for a select few but for the's just not good enough yet.
        • MS Surface vs. iPad

          So, it's the MicroSD chip, keyboard, the all important kickstand, etc. That makes the Surface so great, causing them NOT TO SELL and MS having to take a 900M write off a few months back.

          Basically all tablets do, or should do the same thing. That said, it's one person that distinguishes Apple from all the rest of the pack--Sir Jony Ive. The look, beauty, craftsmanship, care and meticulous thought that goes into each Apple product, inside and out is the difference. HTC just tried it, even with a commercial showing the craftsmanship and even an actor ( could have been an employee) that even looked and sounded like Ive, not only looked stupid, it was laughable. Sadly they were too late to the party. And, plastic, please!

          It's not the items you named or those I did that make these products great, it's the whole package. And along with egg that binds the whole recipe together you have nothing--the ecosystem including the Apps, the quality therein. MS may have a fairly good ecosystem, but missing the egg. Well, I'm sorry, the do have an egg and it sits on the shoulders and neck od Baldy Balmer. What a clownish fool for a leader. And Elop Slop waiting in the wings. OH, BROTHER.
  • It ain't heavy...

    I was just thinking the other day "oh how I wish my iPad was thinner... It's a real hassle carrying this really lightweight compact device around"

    I'm sure there has been a lot of investment shaving fractions of millimetres off... It might be useful to astronauts I guess. The nicer screen on the mini is a bonus though.
    • Thinner is the key

      The thickness of the ipad has been great but thinner AND lighter is even better as long as they can keep the battery life up and heat down. I've enjoyed my ipad 4 with a case on it but there are many times when I wish it was thinner with a case on it.
  • Falling apples.

    I think all of the apples have fallen from the tree. I think it's time for me to leave the orchard and shop the Android market.
  • iPad2

    No, he's right...Significantly, it's not really any more useful than the iPad 2; sure the retina display's pretty, but it doesn't make jack difference to the functionality...and that's what it's all about. ..and it's true, the Surface Pro is class...
    • I notice

      That is the Microsofties and fAndroids who say there's nothing new, there nothing different, this isn't innovative, etc. Whatever guys, enjoy your tablets and I'll enjoy mine.