Apple's iPhone 5 event: By the numbers

Apple's iPhone 5 event: By the numbers

Summary: During Apple's media event to announce the new iPhone 5 in San Francisco, the Cupertino-based giant released a mass of figures. Here's what was said.

TOPICS: Apple, 4G, iOS, iPhone, Smartphones

Apple's announcement of the next-generation iPhone didn't just show off the device itself, it was filled with numbers and statistics of the company's progress since it launched the iPad 3 in March.

The new iPhone revealed in San Francisco today is a whole new design with a larger 4-inch screen, an improved A6 processor, global 4G LTE cellular network support, and a smaller 'Lightning'-pin dock connector, just to name a few features. It also comes with the latest iOS 6 mobile operating system, packed with new features such as Maps, Facebook integration, Passbook, and much more.

During the event, Apple executives took to the stage to show off the latest statistics and figures. Here are the latest numbers you need to know:

  • 12 countries with more than 380 Apple stores;

  • 83 million visitors to Apple stores between April--June, more than 1 million people per day;

  • Six generations of the smartphone have launched since the original iPhone debuted in 2007, despite the "iPhone 5" name;

  • Seven million downloads of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion downloaded since its launch July, the fastest selling OS X release so far;

  • 17 million iPads sold between April--June, totalling 84 million iPads sold in total through June;

  • 68 percent in worldwide tablet market share thanks to the iPad;

  • 91 percent of all Web traffic from tablets come from the iPad;

  • 94 percent of all Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPads;

  • A6 processor is twice as fast as the A5 chip, also twice as fast for graphics.

  • 250,000 apps for the iPad in the iTunes App Store;

  • 100 apps is the per-person average for app owning;

  • 400 million iOS devices sold to date through June;

  • 63 countries where the iTunes Store is available;

  • 453 million iTunes accounts with 1-Click purchasing set-up;

  • 200 million customers using iTunes in the Cloud, downloading 15 billion songs;

  • Seven generations of the iPod range in total after today;

  • 350 million iPods sold to date, adding "millions every quarter;"

  • 175,000 games and entertainment apps available for the iPod touch;

  • 600 million sets of headphones for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod range. 

  • Only one Foo Fighters who performed at the iPhone launch.

Other numbers to consider from earlier reports:

Despite a recent record high share price of $682.10 on September 7, at yesterday's market close Apple ended the day down 0.3 percent at $660 a share with a market cap of $619.2 billion.

But throughout the day, Apple remained mostly flat despite the anticipation and generally positive media response. During the announcement, the firm's share price rose to a weekly high of $668 a share, but dipped into the red about the time the Foo Fighters came on stage for an impromptu gig. (I'm not kidding.)

To put Apple's stock price in perspective, Apple brought in four-times more profit during 2012 Q1 than Walmart did during the same quarter. During that quarter, Apple's iPhone brought in more revenue than Microsoft did as an entire company.

The iPhone isn't just a big deal: it's Apple's top priority as a company to get right. 

Topics: Apple, 4G, iOS, iPhone, Smartphones

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  • The technical innovation in the iPhone 5

    is astounding! The form factor and design is a masterpiece. Great job Apple!
    • Are you joking?

      All the iPhone 5 does is play catch up to other smart phones.
      Sam Wagner
  • Apple's iPhone 5 event: By the numbers

    Why didn't they announce how many Ping users they have? Where is that number? Some of these other numbers are really fudged.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Well...

      0 is just not a very impressive number I guess...
      Doctor Demento
    • I don't know the numbers but...

      I'm willing to bet Ping generated a larger market share than Windows Phone. ;-)
  • Who cares?

    Apple doesn't tell how much market share they lost from Android phones and tablets.
    • Market Share is next to meaningless.

      Lets talk profit shall we? You can sell as many android devices as you like... If the don't bring home the bacon what does it matter?

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • Money does talk and BS walks

        Samsung’s $17 billion from its entire mobile division and Apple 22.7 billion. Now that's 17 billion that Apple doesn't have and that's just Samsung.
        • Except

          That's saying that everyone who buys a Samsung device, or Android in general, would have bought an iPhone if not given the option. That isn't necessarily the case.
          Michael Alan Goff
        • My point is that neither android nor Apple rule the world and market share

          means little in the math thing. Use to be everyone claimed Apple should pack it in because of MS's market share and look how that turned out. I can't think of a time where the claim of market share rule turned out to be use full to the leader at least in tech. Dell one sold the most PC's now where are they? Ms still has the market share lead in terms of desktop but does it matter, and HP is now the PC leader but heck they recently tried to get out of the business did they not? Also what does Samsung get in terms of after sales monies from their phones like Apple does? What I find funny is Samsung sells so many more and still managed to make billions less. Odd that.

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
        • Samsung sells something like 10,000 different phones lol

          Which means they spend many millions more than Apple (in R&D) developing all these different types of phones. Apple develops and sells one iPhone every year and pulls in 22.7 billion. Not bad.
      • You say that now...

        When Apple is losing market share....but when Apple is gaining market share, you sure love to push that 'market share is everything' talking point....
        Doctor Demento
        • Actually no i don't nor have I ever.....

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
  • 91 percent of all Web traffic from tablets come from the iPad;

    That is sometihng I don't believe!
    • because it isn't true

      Most android devices that run the safari browser have their default user agent set to iPad/iPhone. So when they visit a website they identify themselves as iPad/iPhone and that is how these measurements are made.

      I'm not saying a lot of traffic doesn't come from Apple mobiles, but the method of collecting the data is corrupted.
      • Safari on Android

        Where is this beast?

        On the contrary, many of the Androids browsers present themselves as mobile Safari, because nobody designs mobile sites for Android... ;)
  • Repeat Of The Iphone 4S?

    Like the 4S, will this one, too, sell well for a couple of quarters before tapering off?

    Somehow I think this one might only manage one quarter...
    • Yep, repeat of the iPhone 4S

      You are correct. The iPhone 4S was highly successful iPhone, despite all the BS pundits have shared online and besides the stiff competition from other phone brands.

      The iPhone 5 actually add quite a lot of new technology. I am especially pleased by Apple moving to 2/5 GHz wifi, it was already overdue. LTE does not impress me, at all -- because that "standard" is still in it's infancy and practically non-existent around the world. But newer 3G, good. By being far more compelling than the iPhone 4S, the new iPhone will probably easily outsell it.