Apple's iPhone 5S event: By the numbers

Apple's iPhone 5S event: By the numbers

Summary: Amid the unveiling of the next iPhone, Apple executives dished out the latest on financial figures, sales and shipments, and other numerical nuggets.

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Apple chief executive Tim Cook and other executives took to the stage at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California to announce the latest iPhone.

Members of the international media were summoned last week for Tuesday's announcement, where the long awaited smartphone would be unveiled in full for the first time, as well as iOS 7, the company's latest mobile operating system.

During the keynote, the company's management, lead engineers, vice-presidents and key personnel dished out the latest numbers, from sales and shipments through to financials and other figures.

Here's what was said during the event:

  • Three presentations were held to launch the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, in Cupertino, California; Beijing, and Tokyo.

  • 700 million iOS-powered devices shipped by next month, according to Apple estimates.

  • Seven generations of iOS mobile operating system versions, hence the name iOS 7.

  • 200 new features added to iOS 7, including a new user interface, notification center, and quick-access Control Center.

  • Two new iPhones: the premium iPhone 5S — which will replace the iPhone 5 — and the iPhone 5C.

  • Five colors the iPhone 5C cases will come in: green, grey, light blue, peach-ish, and yellow.

  • 56 times the processing power in the 64-bit A7 chip, which lands in the iPhone 5S, leading some apps to run as much as five-times faster.

  • One rockstar: Elvis Costello, to be exact.

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • Boring!

    No one cares about the numbers Tim.
    • Apparently they do. You commented here, after all.

  • Ugh

    I'd say the colors are kind of horrible.

    Almost like they didn't have designers work on it :(
  • Numbers are so PC

    Don't you think? LOL
  • king

    my Aunty Taylor recently got Honda Ridgeline Crew Cab just by working online with a macbook... you can try these out.........
  • Numbers are wrong

    40x the CPU speed and 56x the graphical speed of the original iphone.