Apple's iPhone trade-in scheme coming to UK, Europe

Apple's iPhone trade-in scheme coming to UK, Europe

Summary: Apple looks to be rolling out its 'iPhone Reuse and recycle Program' across Europe in coming months.


Europeans — at least those who live in countries where Apple has retail stores — could soon have the choice to trade-in their old iPhones in return for a discount on newer versions. 

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has already begun training up staff at its UK retail stores in preparation for the arrival of the trade-in programme, which is expected to launch in the UK in coming months, before heading to other countries in the region.

If Apple does proceed with European rollout, it would bring European consumers in line with the iPhone trade-in programme that the company kicked off in the US this August.

Under the US 'iPhone Reuse and recycle Program', Apple offers owners of existing iPhones a trade-in price on the used device based on its condition, such as whether it has any water damage and the state of the screen. The value of the device is placed on a store gift card, which can then be used to purchase a new iPhone, which must be purchased on contract.

The report pegs the UK as the first country where the trade-in programme will launch, and claims Apple will soon begin training in other countries in Europe, presumably where it has stores. Apple's largest presence in Europe by the number of retail outlets is in the UK, followed by France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

It's not clear yet whether Apple's European programme would also require users to sign a mobile contract alongside their device purchase.

For Apple, in the US, where carriers dominate handset sales, part of the motivation for the programme was to grab more of the channel sales pipeline and improve upselling opportunities.

Apple declined to comment on the reported European trade-in programme when asked by ZDNet.

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    I was amazed by the answer as he described the iPhone 5S as an iPhone 5 with spoilers.

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    The main problem in many countries is that the phone companies don't help you to pay the phone

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