Apple's new iPad mini; great for those moving up from iPod touch, not for those with an iPad already

Apple's new iPad mini; great for those moving up from iPod touch, not for those with an iPad already

Summary: The new iPad mini isn't going to challenge the low cost Android tablets on price alone, but those in the Apple ecosystem will like the larger display compared to the iPod touch.

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As expected, Apple revealed the new iPad mini along with a slightly upgraded 4th generation full size iPad. Last week I asked about a compelling reason to buy the iPad mini and think the main thing we heard was the smaller size. With a lower resolution and smaller display than my current iPad 3rd generation there is no reason for me to buy the iPad mini. However, with daughters that watch media on a small iPod touch the iPad mini looks to be the perfect gaming and media device for them at a price starting at $329.

There was speculation of the iPad mini coming in at $199 or $249, but both Kevin Tofel and I knew that was pretty ridiculous for an Apple product. The Google Nexus 7 is priced at just $199 as well as the Kindle Fire HD so the price difference between these and the new iPad mini may still be enough of a factor to generate Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire sales. Apple's ecosystem helps considerably when kids decide to move from their iPod touch to a larger form factor device, yet don't have the $399 or $499 for the full size iPad. For those that consumer media (books and movies) more than just music it seems to me the device most in danger of being dropped in the future is the iPod touch.

I will be preordering an iPad mini to then give to my youngest daughter as a Christmas present (she doesn't read my blog), but won't be picking one up for myself. While pricing starts at $329, it goes all the way up to $659 for the 64GB cellular model. Apple now has a rather staggering lineup of 14 differently priced models of the Apple iPad with the iPad 2 likely on the way out in the next few months.

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Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPad

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  • Not sure about the price...

    Google is rumored to be releasing a 32Gb Nexus 7 in the next couple of weeks. Looks to me that an iPad mini that starts at $329.00 gives Google lots of breathing room. In any case, predictions that the iPad mini would spell the doom of 7" Android tablets are not so certain now, IMHO.
  • I disagree - This is perfect for those with the current iPad

    I've stated that when it does come out, at least 50% of the buyers will be current iPad owners, using the 7" for 'on the go', while keeping the 10" for pretty much the same thing, but in different senerios when bigger is better - 7" inch for the plane ride, then pull out the 10" when on the beach at your destination.
    William Farrel
    • Does not get nuttier than this

      dang travelling around with 3 devices(iPhone to make calls, Mini iPad for Airplanes and Maxi iPad for sitting on the beach), this is something only an Apple consumer would do, Apple called it, they said their consumer base weren't the smartest people. Milk them for all they got.
  • I agree - This is perfect for the Apple Sheep

    I need an iPhone for when I'm walking and or Driving (just don't let the cops see you)
    I need the iPad Mini for when i'm a passenger in the car/train/plane etc...
    I need the iPad (full size) when I am at home or in the office.
    Then, I need a Mac Laptop when I need to get work done.

    PS - have you ever tried to see the iPad screen at the beach (Impossible)
    • LOL

      so true.
  • Overpriced And Underpowered

    Just like a Microsoft tablet.