Apple's percentage of enterprise device count surges

Apple's percentage of enterprise device count surges

Summary: According to a survey, 35 percent of companies say Apple represents 25 percent or more of user devices.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, CXO

The percentage of Apple devices in the enterprise has more than doubled in three years as nearly 20 percent of businesses support more than 1,000 devices from the iPhone maker.

The findings come from a Dimensional Research survey of more than 300 IT leaders. The survey was sponsored by JAMF Software, which specializes in Apple device management. JAMF has predictably pointed out that enterprises have trouble supporting Apple devices.

But directionally speaking, Apple's enterprise presence is only growing stronger. To wit:

  • 60 percent of respondents support more than 100 Apple devices

  • 29 percent support 100 to 500 Apple devices

  • In 2011, 67 percent of companies said that Apple accounted for less than 10 percent of user devices. In 2014, 68 percent of companies say Apple devices are more than 10 percent of the total

  • 35 percent of companies say Apple represents 25 percent or more of user devices

  • User preference was the primary business reason for supporting Apple

  • 68 percent of companies expect that Apple devices will increase about 25 percent over the next three years.

For a company that allegedly isn't targeting the enterprise, Apple is doing pretty well. What will make Apple grab even more share in the enterprise? Focus.

apple ent 1
apple ent 2

And signs seem to indicate Apple is paying more attention to the enterprise. Consider last week at WWDC, Apple execs outlined:

Apple's Cook launches frontal assault on Android: Does the argument hold?

  • Bulk app buying at a discount — something businesses would want 

  • A device enrollment program

  • Increased security and hooks into third-party document providers

In addition, Apple regularly touts enterprise traction with the iPhone and iPad. You can also bet that CEO Tim Cook's jabs at Android security are at least partially intended for CXOs with tech budgets.

apple ent3

Topics: Mobility, Apple, CXO

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  • Context

    BYOD or Corporate liable?

    Our metrics are in line but we're 95% BYOD and have no interest in corporate liable iOS.
  • I predict this thread will be all about how this data is false.

    There is no way Apple devices could ever be used in an enterprise IT deployment of any type successfully./s
    • Re: I predict this thread will be all about how this data is false....

      Why should that be the case?

      How long is it going to take people to realise the almighty Microsoft does not have the same dominance as it once did?

      Corporations and Consumers are taking to alternatives such as OS X, iOS, Android and Linux.
      • Sarcasim

        Ummm, I think he's poking fun at Mr "Only good for fart-apps" and Mr "Buying iPads to look stylish".
      • BYOD?

        is that the corporation or consumer talking at that point?

        There is something to be read in that.
    • Sarcasm is right on.

      I remember the "no way" quotes from before.
  • The WinRT/Win8 debacle was the ...

    The WinRT/Win8 debacle was the final nail in the coffin for MSFT. They had a chance to do the right thing in Win8 (make a secure Win32 API and framework) but instead went off on the WinRT/Metro tangent. Those were a double whammy on the largest software ecosystem in history: the 1.5 billion Windows users. WinRT threw existing Win32 ISVs in the trash while Metro threw existing users in the trash.

    It was the largest corporate suicide in history. Unbelievable!
    • It ain't over

      MS is also helping its competitors get an edge over its own Windows and Windows Phone systems with System Center. Way to go Microsoft!
      P. Douglas
    • This thread is really funny

      Getting a chuckle at the responses here. The reason for Apple's growth has nothing to do with Corporate apps running on iOS or Android or even Windows. There simply aren't that many and mobile devices do not fit the current "Corporate app" mentatility and probably will not for some time to come. People on this thread seem to think its all a done deal - iOS and Android forever!. Sorry to inform those so misguided, but the fat lady isn't even warming up yet! :)