Apple's tablet market share suffers as tablet growth slows

Apple's tablet market share suffers as tablet growth slows

Summary: Overall, IDC data shows the tablet market contracted to 50.4 million shipments, missing its growth targets on the year ago quarter.

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Latest tablet data shows Apple's lead in the tablet market may be slipping through its fingers.

According to latest data by IDC, Apple saw a 16.1 percent decline year-over-year for the first quarter, dropping from 19.5 million shipments to 16.4 million shipments. That represents a 32.5 percent of the overall share, down from 40.2 percent in the first-quarter of 2013.

Its nearest rival Samsung increased its share by 32 percent, up from 8.5 million shipments to 11.2 million shipments in the first quarter. The Korean electronics giant now takes a 22.3 percent slice of the market.

On Apple's second quarter earnings, chief executive Tim Cook explained why the company missed analyst expectations on iPad shipments. Apple was expected to sell 19.2 million iPads, but only brought in 16.35 million, which represents a decline in its tablet division by 16 percent

Cook said on the call that Apple increased iPad inventory whereas previously it was reduced, and also it was dealing with a backlog of iPad mini shipments. 

As for the rest of the market, IDC said the overall tablet market failed to grow as fast as expected. Over the 12-month period, the tablet market grew by 3.9 percent, down from previous expectations.

IDC called the slowdown "challenging" for the year ahead.

"The rise of large-screen phones and consumers who are holding on to their existing tablets for ever longer periods of time were both contributing factors to a weaker-than-anticipated quarter for tablets and 2-in-1s," IDC's Tom Mainelli said in prepared remarks

Vendor 1Q14 Unit Shipments 1Q14 Market Share 1Q13 Unit Shipments 1Q13 Market Share Year-over-Year Growth
Apple 16.4 32.50% 19.5 40.20% -16.10%
Samsung 11.2 22.30% 8.5 17.50% 32.00%
ASUS 2.5 5.00% 2.6 5.40% -2.80%
Lenovo 2.1 4.10% 0.6 1.30% 224.30% Inc. 1 1.90% 1.8 3.70% -47.10%
Others 17.2 34.20% 15.5 31.80% 11.50%
Grand Total 50.4 100% 48.6 100% 3.90%

(Data: IDC)

Topic: Tablets

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  • They better get that iWatch out

    If it's a hit, it could be a new MS-sized business invented overnight. If it's a miss, this could be the peak for Apple.
    x I'm tc
    • microsoft size business

      So the size of the business only has to do with revenue, which means xbox is bigger than itunes?
      • Profits

        A company's value is based on it's profits. Most of the time, there's always the stock market anomaly like Amazon that makes no profits.
        new gawker
        • Wha?

          A company's value is based on how much it is worth. A company owns buildings, patents, has employees, etc. Even a company that is losing money is still probably worth something. When you buy Amazon stock, you own a piece of *everything* that is Amazon. If Amazon decided to break up and sell itself, how much could it get?

          That's how much a company is worth.
          x I'm tc
        • Value

          Profits and a growth multiplier.

          If a company's profits are $1 per share and the share price is $15, they have a P/E of 15. Likely, their future profit growth rate is guesstimated to be in the 12% to 20% range.

          Yes, all kinds of factor affect all kinds of things, but for established companies, profit and growth rate are a strong indicator of future stock price (which correlates to value).
    • x I'm tc: "They [Apple] better get that iWatch out"

      Unless the iWatch is a standalone computer, rather than an adjunct to an iPhone (or iPad), it wont make a huge splash. Instead, it will be an expensive accessory.

      Apple needs to come out with something really novel, such as a personal computer that is essentially a floating sphere, approximately the size of a tennis ball, powered by anti-gravity. Where the sphere would follow its user around like a pet (no leash necessary).

      Has Apple patented the sphere yet? Or anti-gravity-based propulsion?
      Rabid Howler Monkey
  • This is the era of the computer phone

    it happened while our eyes were all on tablets.
    • Yup!

      The crunch will come when folding screens finally become a reality and your average consumer has no use for a 10" dinner plate of a device.
    • Mac_PC_FenceSitter: "This is the era of the computer phone"

      Actually, thanks to VOIP, all personal computer form factors can serve as a "computer phone". And laptop and tablet PCs can serve as mobile computer phones.

      Having said this, smartphones, including the Apple iPhone, are PCs too. I strongly suspect that many people in developing countries first experience with a personal computer will be their unlocked, low-end, Android-based smartphone.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
    • The post-tablet era is upon us!

      Too bad there's no pithy quote about it from Steve Jobs. ;) Too bad most journalists don't understand the difference between sales and market share on one side, and usage and usage share on the other.
  • It was bound to happen...

    While there is some market in tablet replacements, the number of people who don't own a tablet that can be convinced it is a missing essential part of their lives is declining.

    Welcome to the approaching Age of Tablet Market Saturation!!!
  • ligtning

    That happened after than expected. Man if i had some engeering skill, my scroll device would be a sur hit.
    • And, "revben," if you could type and spell, you'd be

      Dangerous. ;-)

      I think you meant that it happened "FASTER" than expected; not "after than expected."

      And, "sur hit," I think maybe you meant "sure hit." And, "ligtning" probably was intended to be "lightning." Just sayin'.
      • You missed "engeering"...

        maybe that's why his device has failed to materialize?
  • Big-screen phones the culprit

    As predicted a while back, the popularity of these larger phones will render the 7" Android tablets redundant devices. They were basically larger phones. Apple tried to make it a different user experience/category. Consumers are waiting on the next iPad from Apple, a small slowdown in shipment is nothing alarming for a company that's innovative.
    • It's not a "small" slowdown, it's a MASSIVE slowdown!

      You fail to realize, Apple expected an INCREASE in tablet shipments. The fact that there was actually a decrease is a HUGE problem for Apple; but it's not like they didn't see it coming, since they fail to reduce their prices to make their products more available to more people; and Android platform is MUCH more reasonably-priced and does everything the ipad platform does.
  • This was expected.

    When you focus solely on thinner and faster, people get increasingly bored with each iteration. They've been thin enough, fast enough, and light enough for several generations, now. Aesthetic tweaks will only get you so far. Apple is long overdue to make some USEFUL hardware upgrades.

    Hey Apple: Upgrade both cameras. Upgrade the storage. Upgrade the battery life. Upgrade the screen efficiency so we can run the screen brighter without killing the battery. I'd take slightly thicker and heavier if I could get 9 hours at full screen brightness. Upgrade the sound quality from the internal speakers. Give us another hardware switch so we can mute AND lock screen rotation at the same time. Stop focusing so much on thinner, lighter, faster and give us something that actually makes the device more useful. I've skipped two generations of upgrades because they offered no additional functionality. You (Apple) need to adjust your development focus if you want me to buy upgrades.
    • I would argue that most of your suggestions don't make an iPad more useful

      More storage is handy. Brighter screen is novel. Longer battery is useful. Better sound is certainly nice. All of those add up for a little bit better of an experience, but it isn't like they are suffering right now.

      Yet at the end of it all, despite all those hardware improvements, the iPad still wouldn't do anything more than it already did before those upgrades. Most people will most likely determine that what they have already is good enough.

      App developers are still going to develop with iPad2 specs as their primary driver, because they represent such a large part of the iPad market.
  • Apple is doomed ! Time for more lawsuits !

    I'm surprised you haven't done a story about the collapse of Kindle Fire.
    • SunFire23, how is it "collapsed?"

      I know tons of people who own them. I don't think Amazon expected them to outsell iPad. I don't know that they've "collapsed," but I think they probably didn't sell anywhere near like what they hoped.