Apple's Windows Safari: 3 patches, 1 million users

Apple's Windows Safari: 3 patches, 1 million users

Summary: Apple's Windows Safari: Three patches, 1 million users


Just days old, Apple's Safari for Windows is already proving it can tempt Microsoft users to flirt with a new browser, even as Cupertino unleashes its first batch of security updates.

Apple has confirmed that its new Safari 3 for Windows browser, launched by Steve Jobs on Monday at the Mac manufacturer's annual worldwide developers' shindig, has hit one million downloads already.

According to Apple, the browser reached the landmark one million figure in the first 48 hours after release. Despite its seven-figure downloads, Safari for Windows is a long way off the glory of Apple's biggest Mac-to-PC crossover hit, iTunes, which has been downloaded over 500 million times by Windows users.

Apple claims the Safari 3 browser, which is compatible with Vista and XP as well as Mac systems, is the fastest surfing software for Windows.

The cross-platform browser is likely to give Jobs' company a leg-up in the browser stakes, where it remains dwarfed by Microsoft and the Mozilla Foundation's products. According to figures cited by Apple, Safari has just five percent of the browser market compared to IE's almost 80 percent and Firefox's 15 percent.

It may have picked up one million new users, but the browser has also seen some security issues come to light since its release earlier this week.

Within hours of its launch, security watchers had spotted vulnerabilities in the software, which Apple has now moved to plug. Three patches are available for the browser through Apple's Software Update application.

The vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute code on a machine using the Windows Safari browser if a user visits a malicious Web site. Only one of the flaws affect Mac systems but it poses no security threat, Apple said in an advisory.

An updated version of the browser can be downloaded from Apple's Web site.


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  • hmm...1 million downloads..

    ! million people may have downloaded it, but whose to say 90% of them didn't try it, not like it and get rid of it. Just because apple claims its the fastest doesn't mean it is in every case, if at all. I'd like to see an actual independent speed comparison over a range of scenarios, and see what eventuates. I may be proven wrong, but with 2 dominant web browsers and the absence of any reason why people would adopt safari i don't think It's going to make a big impact at all, even with the Iphone business.
    Here's an important question how many Mac users actually use Safari anyway? I dont on my Mac and neither does any mac user i know,
  • seven figures

    1,000,000 is seven figures, not six.

    This is good news. Even if only 10% of these new users stay with Safari, that's a browser share win for Apple. Before 0% of windows users, used Safari, because it wasn't even a choice. Choice is good. It benefits everyone. The competition will mean better browsers in the future.
  • Slow and missing customization

    Fastest web browser? That's not my experience. It's slower than both IE7 and Firefox 2 in loading all the sites I tested. But I deleted it because you can't set the browser to use your own fonts and ignore those the ones webmasters choose. Fatal flaw for my reading pleasure, but it's a beta so perhaps they'll add this feature.
  • Tried safari on windows, but dissatisfied

    I downloaded Safari along with the other 999999 people. I have IE and Firefox installed on my machine and use both for various purposes.

    I found Safari annoying to use. Try double clicking on the URL bar to highlight the URL to enter a new URL. It doesn't highlight the URL properly. Lots of little irritations like this. I am sticking to Firefox for my daily use and IE for specialist things like reading my company outlook mail :) Safari has a ways to go before it hits that mark on windows.
  • I tried Safari on Mac and was dissappointed

    non standard interfaces, formatting, displaying. lack of plugin support. I switched to firefox and it's heaps better. There's no way I'd switch to Safari on Windows.
    If Apple force iPhone developers into Safari, it'll be its Achilles heel.
  • I like it but...

    I actually found Safari to be faster on my computer then Firefox 2 and IE 7. However it does not let you use Google chat in Gmail. Until that is fixed I will stick with Firefox. Firefox>Safari>IE
  • Mac users DO use it

    I support over 25 home and business Macs, and Safari is the web browser of (user's) choice on all but one of those - Firefox gets prime place on the other one.

    Personally, I have 4 browsers in my dock, and I estimate my usage as follows: Safari (90%), Firefox (6%), Opera (2%), IE (2% - and ONLY for sites which won't work with anything else).
  • Found it faster then IE and Firefox.

    Overall found it to be much much faster than IE7 or Firefox, lt's load times where incredible on my PC.
    Can't wait for the full version.
  • Fastest? May be not...

    The claim of being the fastest web browser has to be taken with a grain of salt. Comparing with my Firefox (with a bunch of extensions), they are about even. But comparing with Opera, Opera wins hands down. I do not use IE (for obvious reasons), so I cannot compare there.
  • 1 million users...NOT!!

    I've downloaded the thing at least 6 different times myself trying to get some version of the lousy thing to work...I suspect I'm not the only one having done multiple downloads. I had to hack it to get the UI fonts to show up, and then 60% of fonts on web pages still didn't render.
    The worst browser release ever...can't even be considered an "alpha.
  • So your saying IE is better

    So..... what your saying is that you use IE when everything fails. I understand that problem. My first computer was a Mac and when I realized that nothing was ever made for it I switched to Windows. Because when it comes down to it I want to be able to surf the web not stare at a browser
  • worth a look

    I like the speed with which it loads pages and the trim interface. But it doesn't respond to the "back" button on my mouse and it doesnt close browser windows when I push the scroll wheel.
  • Stability

    I use Safari on my 3 Macs for 90 percent of my work. There are some sites where Safari isn't accepted. In fact I have had sites that accept IE only. Anyway, I think the problem Windows users experience has more to do with Windows than with Safari. It's a buggy platform build.
  • Never on Windows?

    Just so typical of Steve "turn-about" Jobs... I remember not that long ago he touted Never Ever on Windows for his products. He's shown himself just as commercial and capitalistic as the next eccentric IT sellout... but with an install base as wide as the MS Desktop who wouldn't be?
  • Safari

    umm what the article fails to mention is that this is a BETA release .. please give me a break .. people are talking about it as if it is a full production release which it is not so YES there will be bugs and problems it's a BETA.

    From my own use i find the Beta to be great .. couple of minor bugs but nothing major... Others have however reported major problems depending on what machines they are running it on and windows or mac.

    All in all I look forward to the next update and the final production release.
  • Same problems

    It's so great when you download Safari then have to (hunt) to find a solution to the fact that no (repeat, no) text appears in the browser itself, or the menus, or the title bar, or the.... you get the idea.

    So much for simple and easy to use.
  • Memory usage by Safari is ridiculous

    Have any of you guys looked at the amount of memory that a safari browser takes? I ran 10 tabs on one firefox window and a single browser window with safari, yet the amount of memory usage was more than double for safari.
  • Memory usage by Firefox is rediculous

    Yeah, welcome to tabbed browsing you noob. Firefox has the potential to cost at 500 megs of memory usage. Memory is a weak comparison point. Move on.
  • Safari 3

    One million downloads of an insecure poorly developed, often incompatible example of Apple software. It is far from being the best browser in the world or the fastest, for after a few days Steve Jobs Safari brag is looking very delusional. He knew it it was a beta product and for that reason alone his claims were way over the top, and despite some very nice touches the browser is not nearly secure, stable or reliable enough to be the main browser on any OS including Apples own. Security through obscurity won't work on Windows, this is a little green Apple that needs a lot more time to ripen!
  • What price a...

    There is actually very little difference between the cost of a high end PC and a high end Mac.

    At the end of the day the article, along with some of the time-honour immature gabble that follows proves only one thing - experiment if one will, but use Windows software on a Windows-powered machine and use Apple software on OSX-powered machines.

    Debate and abuse to the contrary holds the same weight and substance as a Holden v's Ford argument.