April Fools' 2014: The best tech pranks of the day

April Fools' 2014: The best tech pranks of the day

Summary: To celebrate the day, tech firms around the globe make announcements to try and dupe us -- and what are some of the best this year?


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  • The Virtual Bay

    The Pirate Bay, best known for torrent searches and copyright infringement lawsuits, decided to kick off the day a little early with their latest project: The Virtual Bay.

    In a move touted as the "biggest step in our history," TPB said it was teaming up with neuroscientists from Russia, Israel, and Japan in order to create a virtual reality headset to store the entire torrent index in people's heads, allowing users to "live" their downloaded musics and games. In addition, as TPB will be stored within user minds, the website will soon become impossible to shut down.

    Check it out here.

    Check back for frequent updates on today's tech pranks!

    Update 15.40 BST: Added CERN, Nokia, YouTube and the Hyperloop.

    Update 16.00 BST: Google Chrome, Nest + Virgin, Chromecast and Twelve South join the mix.

    Update 16.22 BST: Why is Samsung interested in pigeons, and KAYAK in bathrooms?

    Update 17.00 BST: Google is Auto Awesome.

  • iFixit purchased by Apple

    iFixit, an organization known for testing and offering repairability scores for our gadgets -- including iPhones, tablets, PCs and various mobile devices -- announced an exciting new partnership: the acquisition of the company by tech giant Apple.

    Although Apple devices are notoriously difficult to repair, iFixit says that as part of the deal, Apple has pledged to "produce the most replaceable electronic devices and personal computers on the market" -- a clear win for the iFixit community.

    "Everyone has a number," admitted Kyle Wiens, iFixit's CEO. "I didn't think there was a reasonable number that would make me say, 'You know I was going to change the world with repair documentation but here's a number.'" In the end, however, the company says that Apple "gave us a number that we couldn't refuse."

    Check it out here.

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  • Opera

    Launched a browser for kitties!
  • This device

    called the iCatbot will and household cleaning drudgery forever and also give your beloved cat good exercise. You can find out more details here:


    If you get one of these, your life and of your cat will never be the same!
  • CALL home with a click of the heels?

    How about shoes that can TAKE you home with a click or three?
  • YCIITU has 24/7 phone support?

    Wanna bet their business customers get the same endless hold that their customers' CUSTOMERS get?
  • I thought

    I thought Windows 8 was an April fools joke back then, especially with metro on the desktop :)
    Pollo Pazzo
    • Seriously though

      Back when the consumer preview was released, I installed it on my Emachines desktop and it booted to this tiled screen and not to the desktop. I pondered, this must be a April Fools joke by Microsoft.
      Pollo Pazzo
  • Coffee Addicts

    Just to complement the Coffee IV Drip Kit, now comes with an even more accessible Coffee Injection Pen, http://www.gourmet-coffee.com/pages.php?pageid=128. Enjoy!
  • April Fools

    Okay I found one. These guys have a Coffee Injection Pen and coffee that whitens your teeth. http://www.rogersfamilyco.com/index.php/newcoffeeproducts/ Pretty funny stuff.
  • Bing launches Dogglz

    Smart computer goggles - for DOGS! These goggles connect dogs to the world around them, allowing dogs to search for nearby fire hydrants, plot where they marked their "spots" on Bing Maps and more. Includes, out of the box, high tech toy search to find the latest and greatest pet gear, luxury pet hotel finder with tempur-pedic mattresses, stream dog-friendly tunes, and maps to the nearest and coolest dog parks.

    Not into dogs? Cat only Bing services are now available include Bing Translate for Cats!
  • A bunch of good ones

    My favorites are:

    1. The Samsung homing pigeon hotspot.
    2. The Clippy clips (apparently he still has friends in Redmond; and maybe some enemies too).
    3. The Chromecast squirrel (best photo).
    4. The Book-book

    Apparently, the big boys still do the best pranks.
    John L. Ries
  • iFixit bought by Apple!

    iFixit's "sale to Apple" announcement fooled me: www.ifixit.com
    John Sawyer
  • Pet-fi

    You know, that concept might actually work. I better get started buying all the dogs and cats of the world before Facebook does.
  • Laugh or Cry? Probably Both!

    CEO of KeepTree makes you cry then laugh. Pretty good one https://www.keeptree.com/blog/jon-loew-memoriam/