Archos readying its first Windows 8.1 tablet for $149

Archos readying its first Windows 8.1 tablet for $149

Summary: After years of producing only Android tablets, the company is readying the 80 Cesium, an 8-inch Windows 8.1 slate with a budget price.


French device maker Archos has been trying to break into the Android mobile market in a big way again and again and again. While it hasn't abandoned those plans, it's apparently come to the conclusion that it needs to diversify its offerings a little. As a result, the company is embracing Windows as part of its forthcoming device rollout (after putting out a Windows 7 tablet way back in 2009), not only with a $99 smartphone, but also with an 8-inch tablet.

Dubbed the Cesium 80, the slate runs Windows 8.1 with an Intel quad-core processor inside. The specific CPU, along with many other specs, are still unknown, though we do know that the display sports a resolution of 1,200x800. The other thing we know -- and which may trump any spec talk -- is the price. When it becomes available in October, the Cesium 80 will cost just $149.

While that price point is hardly news for an 8-inch Android tablet, it is noteworthy for a Windows version. That's because the cheapest smaller Windows tablets have recently been priced at $199, though Microsoft has definitely been worried this year about getting Windows 8.1 into more devices at lower price points.

That explains Microsoft's recent price cut for its Surface 2 tablet, though it still costs $349 and runs Windows RT instead of the full version of Windows 8. Archos' other new tablet, the Android-based 101 Oxygen, epitomizes Microsoft's dilemma: The 10-inch model will run $249, or $100 less than the Surface 2 after the price cut.

If the Cesium 80 does well, perhaps a 10-inch Archos Windows 8.1 tablet for $249 will emerge. Is the $149 price tag low enough for you to consider an 8-inch Windows tablet from Archos? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below.

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  • No HD screen, no sale

    I went on Archos website and there is nothing there about specs. 1200 x 800 is not HD (1280 x 720). That should be the starting point for any tablet, regardless of OS. Anything less I will pass on.
    • Remember it runs full windows

      While I agree with you in theory, the problem with 1366 x 768 or even 1920 x 1080 on Windows 8.1 is that the desktop mode would be so tiny it would be useless.

      Scaling & Magnification aside, both have drawbacks, this is the problem with Windows 8.1 on a mobile device. Yes you can run any windows program, but to actually have a screen that's readable, your resolution needs to be lower.

      This is a problem that iOS and Android just don't have, therefore 1080p or higher resolutions in those tablets are common.
      • ".......... even 1920 x 1080 on Windows 8.1 is that the desktop mode......

        ....would be so tiny it would be useless."

        Not so. I run a Lenovo ThinkPad 8 HD (1920 x 1200) and it is far from useless in desktop mode. Indeed, given that I have need of a highly mobile device that can fun full fat Windows, it is proving to be very useful indeed.
        • Yes and no...

          Desktop mode runs fine at higher resolutions are long as your app is scaled to allow for it. I've got a Dell Venue 11 Pro, 10.6" screen at 1920x1080 resolution and Photoshop CS2 is practically unusable with all the icons being so tiny. So much of it depends on what applications you use on a daily basis.
          • you are not going to be using photoshop with a finger

            I have a Lenovo Thinkpad 8 (1920x1200, 8.3inch) and Samsung Ativ 700t (1920x1080 .6inch).
            If I really want to use desktop apps like photoshop, I use the stylus on the samsung or a bluetooth mouse.
            At least with a windows tablet, it is POSSIBLE, even if not practical without a mouse.
      • windows 8.1 tablets work well

        you can say that iOS and Android don't have the desktop UI problem, but the problem they have is they don't even have the desktop option.
        I'll take the desktop option with a problem over no desktop option at all.
        If you don't want to use the desktop, you don't have to.
        I don't understand people poo-pooing desktops running on more portable devices.
        I even have a couple of 5inch atom devices running x86 windows natively and they are useful.
        you make a watch running x86 windows and I'll find a way to use it.
    • Resolution

      1200x800 (960,000) > 1280x720 (921,600)

      @ $149, I'll take two!
    • Its not a premium device

      Not sure what you expect to get with a full windows tablet for less than $150. This device is simply not marketed to you.
      Rann Xeroxx
    • Meh

      HD, retina style displays are nice, but no showstopper for me.

      This is a low, no risk price. Its tempting to get it for no reason other than "just because."
    • actually 720p is HD

      1080p is Full HD
      retina and HD are different standards of measure
      at $150 you are expecting premium displays?
  • A US article?

    This is obviously a US article because the cheapest windows tablet with the Australia tax is about $399 (new), unless the product is end of life, then a little more can be knocked off.

    Expect the Archos to cost $300-350 here, since the Toshiba 8" that sells for 199 in the US costs $399 here.
    • What is up?

      Australia just seems to have absurd prices. I know its a socialist country more so than the States but prices there are even higher than Britain.
      Rann Xeroxx
  • I will buy a dozen for that price

    It runs full windows, and for that price, its a kill...
    • When you buy a dozen

      please post a selfie while using all 12 tables
    • Archos == CRAPWARE

      Check reviews on anything from Archos. They sell cheap crapware that stops working soon after the 90 day (mostly fake) warranty they usually offer.
  • Why does the picture show Windows Phone?

    Why does the photo show a Windows Phone when it's talking about a tablet?
    • Bottom of First Paragraph

      "not only with a $99 smartphone, but also with an 8-inch tablet."

      Apparently there are no pictures of the tablet yet.
  • Archos readying its first Windows 8.1 tablet for $149

    Now that is a pretty good deal to get a Microsoft Windows device. More and more OEMs are picking up on Microsoft Windows 8.
  • That explains Microsoft's recent price cut for its Surface 2 tablet

    I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the Surface 2 price cut. Microsoft is not competing with it's partners. They have made that very clear.
  • The Price is Right I Will Qo for it

    I rather do my work on a Windows 8.1 PC or laptop but want something on the go that part of the Windows environment. I nether want a smartphone nor a android tablet . I want something that interface with a windows network at home and can develop my own apps.