Are you on 3G yet?

Are you on 3G yet?

Summary: Do you need to work online while on the move? Are you tired of snooping around for WiFi hotspots?

TOPICS: Mobility

Do you need to work online while on the move? Are you tired of snooping around for WiFi hotspots? Is your Blackberry giving you headaches with its tiny screen size and limited support for file attachments?

The answer to a truly mobile workforce, I discovered, is 3G. I carry my Merlin 3G data card plugged into my Sony Vaio laptop everywhere I go, even in the office.

%IMAGE=Merlin3G.jpg%It gives me good Internet connectivity (roughly 200kbps) everywhere I go, even as I'm speeding in a cab on the expressway.

Although I'm mostly based in Singapore, I have used 3G data access in far exotic places like Bahrain.

Right now I'm blogging to you from Macau, where I'm participating in the Asia-Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) competition. There's no 3G network here yet, but the Merlin 3G data card automatically switches to GPRS, and I can still have a decent Internet connection for working overseas.

So what are you waiting for? 3G is here to give you the freedom to work everywhere.

Topic: Mobility

Lee Lup Yuen

About Lee Lup Yuen

Lee Lup Yuen is passionate about mobile phones and PDAs, as he is constantly buying new gadgets and programming them in J2ME, .NET, Symbian and AppForge.
He has developed commercial applications with mobile technologies like SMS, MMS, WAP, 3G video streaming and location-based services.

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  • What does your monthly phone bill look like?
  • Ha ha my monthly bill looks long and ugly because I subscribe to 3 telcos with multiple mobile lines per telco. 3G data rates are becoming very affordable in Singapore due to competition. I'm mostly using SingTel with the unlimited 3G data plan. Check here for details:
  • SingTel? Hmm. So the service supports 3G and GPRS roaming in other countries? I was under the impression that it doesn't. I remembered enquiring about a StarHub 3G data access plan and the spokesperson says it doesn't support 3G roaming. Still so?
  • Well I had no problems using SingTel 3G data roaming in Bahrain last year. And I was using SingTel GPRS roaming in Macau earlier this month.