Are you paying too much to surf overseas?

Are you paying too much to surf overseas?

Summary: Calling all Asian business travellers and users who access the Web while overseas. Take the ZDNet online survey and give us your thoughts on data roaming usage and charges in the region.


Are you a frequent traveler and feel you're paying way too much to access the Web while overseas?

ZDNet Asia, along with ZDNet Australia and ZDNet UK, are running an online survey concurrently in our respective regions to find out how our readers utilize mobile broadband abroad on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.

Data roaming, as it is commonly described, is taking off as adoption of mobile devices and Web access via mobile platforms continue to see significant growth across the globe. In fact, an Ovum study predicts that, by 2015, 1 billion users worldwide will use only their mobile devices to access the Internet, where the Asia-Pacific region will account for 518.4 million of the overall population.

So, do take 10 minutes to complete the survey and tell us if you think your operator is doing enough to deliver affordable data roaming usage and charges to subscribers who want to remain connected during their travels.

We will discuss the results in a special report once the poll ends. Start the survey now.

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