ARM SoC pioneer Calxeda closes doors

ARM SoC pioneer Calxeda closes doors

Summary: A tough business climate and new technology ideas don't combine to make the life of a start-up easy.


Calxeda, one of the pioneers of high-density SoC ARM-based servers, has announced that they need to restructure the operation. However, the message — from  VP of marketing Karl Freund and president Barry Evans — makes it sound like they are closing their doors.

Over the last few years, Calxeda has been a driving force in the industry for low power server processors and fabric-based computing.

The concept of a fabric of ARM-based servers challenging the industry giants was not on anyone’s radar screen when we started this journey.

Now it is a foregone conclusion that the industry will be transformed forever.

Now it's time to tackle the next challenge.  Carrying the load of industry pioneer has exceeded our ability to continue to operate as we had envisioned.  We wanted to let you know that Calxeda has begun a restructuring process.  During this process, we remain committed to our customer’s success with ECX-2000 projects that are now underway.

Calxeda is proud of what we have accomplished, the partners who have collaborated with us, the investors who supported us, and the visionary customers who have encouraged us and inspired us along the way.

We will update you as we conclude our restructuring process.  In the mean time, we want to thank you personally for your interest and  enthusiastic support.  It's been an amazing journey.

Energy, matter, and innovation are never lost, just reassembled. We look forward to the inevitable application of our ideas.

Calxeda is probably best known for their involvement with HP and their Project Moonshot; delivering high-density SoC-based ARM servers to the datacenter. As the message from Calxeda states, they remain committed to the project, but there is no further information on what that commitment means.

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  • HP might have to "take over" Calxeda, if they wish for Moonshot to be

    be successful.

    Could this also mean trouble in ARM paradise? With Intel taking over a lot of what ARM processors use to have exclusively, perhaps there won't be a need for as many ARM processors in the future.
  • Need vision to survive.

    Too bad for Calxeda, they were good.
    But being good is not good enough in the tech business. You also need to figure out which way the wind is blowing and get there fast. When you're wrong, you'll need to lay it all on the line while you find your way.
    Choosing to close shop when cash is around is the surest sign the business had lost its vision long before.