10 ways to cut water consumption

Summary:For World Water Day, National Geographic has assembled a list of 10 ways you can save water in your home. Here's a look.

The world may be running out of water , but there are a few things you can do to help plug the leaks, so to speak.

To coincide with World Water Day, National Geographic fellow Sandra Postel has assembled a list of 10 ways you can save fresh water -- which makes up less than one percent of all water on the globe, and is the only thing the world's 7 billion people can drink -- in your home.

Among our favorites:

  1. Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators to save water and energy.
  2. Install a low or ultra low-volume toilet.
  3. Eat less meat -- especially beef. "A typical hamburger can take 630 gallons to produce," Postel writes.
  4. Buy less stuff. Why? Because everything takes water to make.

Which suggestions do you think are the least disruptive to your way of living? And do you think a price on water is necessary for consumers to value it?

More from World Water Day on SmartPlanet:

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