2014: Let's all try to do better this year

Summary:You can describe 2013 in four words: NSA, shutdown, twerking, and selfie. Sigh. We need to do better this year. Humanity had better step up its game.

I always consider my first waking workday thought of a new year to be interesting and worthy of note.

I pay attention to that first waking workday thought, because it's often more broadly focused than love for my wife (first thought of every new year) or the typical morning-after-celebration pain.

This year's first waking workday thought was this: let's all try to do better this year.

We -- as a technology community (and, frankly, as a species) -- didn't distinguish ourselves last year. In fact, last year was pretty much a bummer when it comes to living up to our better angels.

Whether it was the NSA debacle , the ongoing security breaches, the constant onslaughts of cyberattacks and cybercrimes , Microsoft's multiple personality disorders , Facebook's wacky privacy policy changes , the death of the mainstream PC , Apple's release of products before their time , Google's ongoing attempts to out-NSA the NSA , Amazon's silly (but cool) drones PR stunt , the IT cautionary case study that is Obamacare , the behavior of our world leaders, the shutdown of the entire US government , or the fact that Miley Cyrus was the "most searched" person in 2013 and Nelson Mandela didn't even make it into the top 10... none of it is stuff we can be proud of .

You can describe 2013 in four words: NSA, shutdown, twerking, and selfie.

Sigh. We need to do better this year. Humanity had better step up its game.

That, then, was my first waking workday thought of 2014. Think about it. I sure will.

P.S. For those of you wondering about bodily functions and coffee, those are pre-waking thoughts and don't count.

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