AirDog auto-follow drone for GoPro smashes Kickstarter targets

Summary:AirDog is a quadcopter drone for GoPro cameras. It will fly above its target as it moves around capturing everything it sees on video.

AirDog the auto-follow drone for the GoPro camera has smashed its target of $200,000 and gone way past its stretch goal of $500,000 USD during its Kickstarter campaign. The campaign still has 16 days to go and pledges are still rolling in.

AirDog auto-follow drone for GoPro smashes Kickstarter targets ZDNet
Image: AirDog

The Palo Alto based company has created a small foldable quadcopter for anyone who uses GoPro cameras. It uses long range bluetooth to automatically follow you wherever you go. It uses gimbals to keep the GoPro stable and keep sight of the user in the video footage.

AirDog auto-follow drone for GoPro smashes Kickstarter targets ZDNet
Image: AirDog

The user attaches the AirLeash tracker to the target. Signals are sent to the AirDog with movement and trajectory.

Assistants can adjust the AirDog for height and range to ensure it gets the best view of the target. AirDog Master allows you to take more control over what the AirDog sees.

The AirDog will follow the target at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. It will hover in one position constantly tracking any target carrying the AirLeash.

It will circle over a defined radius and altitude, Like a dog, it will track and make sure it does not lose its target.

It will automatically follow you wherever you go. It is not bothered by rain, freezing temperatures, winds or waves. It is there, watching you, from above. It will even return to base if it senses it needs a battery change.

AirDog auto-follow drone for GoPro smashes Kickstarter targets ZDNet
Image: AirDog

It is already looking like just the thing that outdoor enthusiasts will love. The company is now planning its next stretch goal of $1,000,000 to enable the AirDog to avoid obstacles whilst it is in the air.

Anyone who wants to film themselves doing action sports will just have to get an AirDog.

The footage you can produce is awesome. You can create your own action movies with one of these.

But what about the more sinister side of aerial tracking?

What if you do not trust your other half? An AirLeash can easily be concealed in a bag and used to track whoever you want whilst in range.

You can remotely spy on anyone carrying the AirLeash – your personal cameraman stabilizes the shots and focuses directly on the target.  

You can position the AirLeash just outside the school gates and set the drone to fly around inside the perimeter.

Get aerial shots of offices, factories, restricted areas, military zones. The possibilities are almost endless. This is only v.1 of the product with cumbersome AirLeash and limited battery life.

But of course, everyone is only going to use the AirDog for aerial action shots of sport right?

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