AMD's 'Richland' APU clock speeds detailed

Summary:More details of AMD's upcoming "Richland" APUs, a follow to the Trinity A-series, have been leaked by a tech news site, giving us some possible speeds for the silicon.

Last week, a Chinese website posted information that allegedly detailed AMD's new "Richland" processor. Now, tech site VR-Zone claims to have the clock speeds for each of the models.

"Richland" APUs are based on an updated Trinity architecture, and are built using the same 32-nanometer process and Piledriver CPU architecture. However, they differ from Trinity parts by having higher clock speeds, featuring updated Radeon HD 8000 series GPUs, and faster DDR3-2133MHz dual-channel memory controllers.

The published details for six APUs include:

Model Cores CPU Clock

GPU clock

A10-6800K 4 4.1/4.4 HD 8670D 844 100
A10-6700 4 3.7/4.3 HD 8670D 844 65
A8-6600K 4 3.9/4.2 HD 8570D 844 100
A8-6500 4 3.5/4.1 HD 8570D 800 65
A6-6400K 2 3.9/4.1 HD 8470D 800 65
A4-6300 2 3.7/3.9 HD 8370D 760 65

The "K" suffix on the parts mean that the APU will come with unlocked CPU multipliers and GPU stream to unlock extreme overclocking.

Sources say that the new APUs are already shipping to OEMs, and that new PCs featuring "Richland" silicon are expected to make an appearance in the second quarter of this year.

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