Apple bites Windows themes

Summary:Apparently to avoid confusion, the Mac maker asks a Web site to stop offering a Windows XP 'desktop theme' that looks like Mac OS X.

There are some big differences between Mac OS X and Windows XP, and apparently Apple Computer doesn't want any blurring of the lines between the two.

The Mac maker has asked Web site ThemeXP to stop offering for download two "desktop themes" that let computer owners customize the look of Windows XP so that it resembles the Mac OS X. Desktop themes are small programs that allow people to personalize their wallpaper, icons, windows and so on to reflect their particular passion--be it a certain pop star, the entire Milky Way or an operating system.

"We just felt it was a violation of our copyrights and intellectual property and we requested that they remove" the themes, an Apple representative said Friday.

ThemeXP said on Wednesday that it pulled "EclipseOSX v4.40" and "MacOSX Aqua 3.2" after Apple claimed they were in violation of copyrights.

"As much as we enjoy long and expensive lawsuits against mega-corporations, we decided to comply with their notice of infringement and take down both of the themes we previously hosted," ThemeXP said in a note posted to its Web site.

Windows XP and Mac OS X both made their debuts last year, leading to plenty of comparisons.

Apple has made similar moves in the past when programs have attempted to mimic the look of Apple products. Linux users were upset by a similar move two years ago.

Interestingly, another Mac OS X-inspired theme on ThemeXP, dubbed "RottenApple," appears to remain on the site.

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