APTonCD - another reason to use Linux

Summary:How many reasons do you need to use Linux? Free, stable, inordinately fashionable.

How many reasons do you need to use Linux? Free, stable, inordinately fashionable. And now, a way of automatically backing up every single application you’ve installed.

For those that know, APT is Debian’s incredibly easy and useful package manager. You want some software? Use the command line sudo apt-get, or the Synaptic Package Manager or the Software Manager of the Debian distro of your choice, find the software, click install, and there we go.

When I upgrade to a new version of a Linux distribution, whether it’s Ubuntu or Linux Mint, I always do a clean install, as I find it far less troublesome.

However, I have had to keep a long list of software that I reguarly, and the vast majority of my time on a system resinstallation is spent installing the packages one by one.

APTonCD to the rescue: a very nifty piece of software that makes a record of all the software you’ve installed using APT, and creates a lovely little ISO disc image for you.

APTonCD screenshot
APTonCD in glorious, disc image making action

This means reinstalling all your specific software is a short click and a jump away.

I haven’t tried it out yet, as I’m not planning a major upgrade reinstall. But when I do, my APTonCD disc image will be waiting in tremulous hands.

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