AT&T offers up to $450 in offers for T-Mobile switchers

T-Mobile continues to shake up the US wireless space with AT&T preempting their rumor they might start offering to pay ETFs to switchers.

AT&T offers up to $450 in offers for T-Mobile switchers

There are rumors that T-Mobile may make a CES announcement next week offering to pay ETFs to get you to switch to them. In what appears to be a preemptive strike, AT&T announced they are offering up to $450 in offers per line to T-Mobile customers to switch to AT&T.

The $450 offer comes in the form of a $250 promotional card for AT&T products and services and another $200 if you choose AT&T's double-dipping Next service, buy a device at full retail price, or activate a device you own.

The offer seems to be of value at first, but I only pay $130 a month for five phones on T-Mobile and for about the same level of service it would cost me at least $195 per month (assuming the lower cost no annual contract option). For those like me who get solid T-Mobile coverage, there is no savings in switching to AT&T.

It's great to see T-Mobile shaking up the US wireless space and forcing other carriers to start thinking outside the box. If you are not satisfied with T-Mobile's coverage and service, then this could be the catalyst you need to switch to AT&T.

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