Attention Shoppers: Apple Worth More Than Google

Summary:Apple and Google almost are acting like the McCain and Obama campaigns. You try to grab attention and I’ll (try to) top you.

Apple and Google almost are acting like the McCain and Obama campaigns. You try to grab attention and I’ll (try to) top you. Just when Google took over the tech news attention cycle for a full 24 hours, the invitations for its “Let’s Rock” event went out. So now, all ears are fixated on what new iPods will be launched next Tuesday (Sept. 9) in San Francisco. Meanwhile all eyes (including those of ZDNet editor-in-chief Larry Dignan, in serial postings) have been fixated on Google’s introduction of its Chrome browser. The implications for individuals and corporations of a significant new (well-funded) entrant into the Web access battles are wide-ranging. But Microsoft is not about to just walk away. It just had its introduction of its new version of Internet Explorer sideswiped, not just once (Google) but twice (Apple). Still, for the majority of Web users, the enhancements to Explorer will have more immediate effect, with improved privacy, search and speed. Sure a “smart address bar” should not be that big a deal. But for the average Explorer user, it could well be. What’s a bit surprising is how investors are stacking this all up. Sergey Brin and Larry Page get a bit market cap bonus for constantly introducing or seeming to introduce new products that will shake up how the Web is used. For that, they are granted a market worth of $145.7 billion, which is 58 percent of Microsoft’s $249.2 billion market cap. This, even though Microsoft revenue and profits are three times that of Google and it takes more of each dollar to the bottom line. But, what’s this? Who’s now valued higher than Google?

It’s Steve Jobs and Apple. Classic and new iPods beat Google’s Chrome, even today, on Wall Street. Apple’s market worth is $5 billion better, at $150.2 billion – even though it takes less to the bottom line than Google, on more revenue. And even though Apple has a fraction of the profits and business of Microsoft. The selling in Cupertino never stops.

Topics: Enterprise Software, Apple, Google

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