Backupify launches Google Drive support

Summary:Backupify has announced that its Backup for Google Apps product now supports files stored on Google Drive.

Backupify has announced that its Backup for Google Apps product now supports files stored on Google Drive.

Backupify already provided backups for Google Apps and Gmail, as well as social media accounts, and data snapshots from other services such as Salesforce and Zoho.

Although many users might consider that they don't need backups for Google Drive, given that it's a cloud storage service, Backupify is pushing the line that Google Drive provides synchronisation, not backups for files in all situations.

"A synchronisation tool allows users to access the same file from multiple locations — laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, etc. The sync service puts a copy of the file on each machine, which makes it look a bit like [a] backup," Backupify senior vice president Rob Stevens said in a blog post.

"But the files are synchronised, which means that a change anywhere affects all the files. If we think about the risks that back-up protects you from, Google Drive protects against one of them — mechanical failure of a machine. If your laptop fails, you have a copy of the documents in your G[oogle] Drive, on your desktop. But mechanical failure is only a small part of why we back-up files.

"A sync service doesn't protect from user error, data corruption or viruses/hacking. If the file on your laptop is deleted, G[oogle] Drive deletes the file from all the other locations. If a virus garbles the file on your desktop, all of the copies get garbled."

Collaboration, such as that enabled by Google Docs, increases the risk of this sort of error happening, he said.

The Google Drive support doesn't cost extra on top of the usual schedule, according to the company.

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