Beta AdWords feature spends your budget automatically

Google has launched a very limited beta for some AdWords advertisers that aims to do "automatic matching". What does that mean?

Google has launched a very limited beta for some AdWords advertisers that aims to do "automatic matching". What does that mean? Well, theoretically, this feature will make advertising on AdWords as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Sign up for Google AdWords
  2. Enter your credit card information
  3. Specify your budget

Advertisers could leave keyword matching and ad serving completely in the hands of Google -- of course, this could also be used to supplement your existing campaigns, in which case, Google will deplete your daily ad budget on keywords it thinks is appropriate.

Here is the full text of the beta invitation as posted by Dan Thies:

I'm excited to tell you that you have been selected to participate in a beta for our new Automatic Matching feature which will be starting on February 28th.

Automatic Matching automatically extends your campaign's reach by using surplus budget to serve your ads on relevant search queries that are not already triggered by your keyword lists. By analyzing the structure and content of your website and AdWords campaigns, we deliver more impressions and clicks while maintaining your current CTRs and CPCs.

For example, If you sold Adidas shoes on your website, Automatic Matching would automatically crawl your landing page and target your campaigns to queries such as: "shoes" "adidas" "athletic", etc., and less obvious ones such as "slippers" that our system has determined will benefit you and likely lead to a conversion on your site.

Be assured that automatic matching will try to never exceed your budget. If you're already meeting your daily budgets, automatic matching will have a minimal effect on your account.

Like Dan, I'm wonder why anyone would want to pay for clicks coming in from searches for "slippers" when you sell shoes. This could possibly be the worst attempt at getting advertisers excited about a product that I have ever seen. Anyway, if it works, it would be a great supplemental tool that could significantly increase the number of visitors to your site -- that is, if you trust Google.


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