Business Transformation Requires Buy-In at All Levels

Summary:A successful transformation must include the motivation and empowerment of diverse stakeholders at all levels within the organization.

Doc knows that when you make a big change in business processes, its success is dependent on buy-in from many levels within the organization. If you have rank-and-file support but not C-level, or vice versa, things may not work out all that well.

This point and many other good ones, are made in an article I ran across recently from Tracey Rothenberger writing at IT Business Edge.

Anyone who has implemented a significant business process transformation, such as consolidating different ERP systems after a merger, knows that success depends on many factors beyond IT. A successful transformation must include the motivation and empowerment of diverse stakeholders at all levels within the organization.

This is especially true when the desired process transformation involves established business-critical document processes. Core Line of Business (LoB) processes, such as sales, finance/accounting, operations, customer service, HR and others, incorporate document information to such a degree, so integral to the way they perform their functions, that transforming these processes can seem insurmountable.

C-Level Communication Is Key

At the highest level, it is vital that C-level executives do more than "buy into" the transformation. It is imperative they establish and continue to communicate the link between top corporate goals and the business process transformation everyone is expected to support.

For example, if senior management's goal is to establish a more customer-centric focus, it must be made clear why the proposed change in business-critical document processes is fundamental to better customer service. Faster, more accurate response to inquiries ensures that prospects are more likely to become customers and customers will increase their investment.

Tracey has a lot more to say, and the article is well worth a look.

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