Chat with a global wireless provider: A Netuitive customer profile

Summary:Predictive analytics have become an important tool for application performance management. A chat with a Netuitive customer, a global wireless telecommunications company, points out how.

What products did you consider before making a selection?

We had deployed tools from leading APM vendors such as CA, and Compuware. Our own business data metrics, such as devices sold, accounts activated, services added, and more, also provide the crucial information on how well we're performing.

While we were collecting all of the data necessary for effective APM, the monitoring team had no way to make sense of it all. There was no help for understanding what constitutes normal behavior of components, infrastructure, or applications; which of the thousands of IT metrics are most meaningful in terms of business performance, or whether IT performance even has any impact on business metrics. The monitoring tools provided neither the cross-platform visibility, automated analysis, nor alarm accuracy required for proactive performance management. There actually was one occasion when an outage in the POS system covering an entire state went undetected for four hours until a business executive contacted IT to inquire if the total absence of sales activity was in fact true.

So the remaining technical challenge was to fulfill Gartner's fifth dimension of APM: to automatically analyze and correlate IT, customer experience, and business metrics in real time. This would help either to exonerate IT as a cause of reported business deviations or, when IT issues were impacting the business, allow IT to proactively alert business managers of the problem, rather than being unaware of it until called by irate users.

I expected that implementing all dimensions of APM would lead to the IT organization achieving 99.99 percent availability of the point-of-sale application, reducing mean time to repair for problems that do occur, optimizing transaction response times, and improving overall team efficiency. Achieving this IT performance would in turn support the business objectives of improving the internal and external customer experience and avoiding the cost — primarily lost revenue--of application outages.

A review of the APM marketplace suggested that Netuitive offered the only solution capable of correlating IT and business metrics as required for the missing fifth dimension of APM. So we designed a proof-of-concept pilot project to demonstrate whether Netuitive could in fact deliver value above and beyond.

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