China airforce to construct communication network by 2020

Summary:Digital managing system will cover basic network of data exchange and systems on alarming, commanding, rescue, and integrated support, with optical-fiber networks already installed in most regions.

China's civil air defense will complete construction of a digital managing system by 2020.

The system will include a basic network for information exchange, along with systems on alarming, commanding, rescue, and integrated support, Bai Jianjun, head of the national office of Civil Air Defense told Xinhua news site on Monday.

Asked about the process of digitization so far, Bai said regional optical-fiber communication networks were already installed in more than 80 percent of China's provincial regions over the past decade.

Audible alarming systems also had been implemented in more than 95 percent of all the cities, he added.

Other Asian countries have also used IT for military and defense purposes. South Korea in July developed and completed nine battlefield applications for Samsung and other Android-based smartphones for the country's armed forces. Taiwan also launched a five-day exercise in July using computer simulations of an attack from China to analyze how the country's military can perform in war environment.


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