Citrix Analyst Meeting - killer demo

Citrix showed the power available when a supplier can deploy a well-integrated set of access virtualization, application virtualization and processing virtualization products.

The analysts were herded through the Citrix demo center. A really slick presenter, Brad Peterson, Director of Executive Engagement for Citrix, showed us the demo infrastructure and then ran through a demo script showing someone opening a spreadsheet, making changes to it and then taking over that VDI session from another device. The next device was a MacBook running Snow Leopard. The demo then went on to show a device running the developer version of Windows 8 accessing that same session. Then an iPod was used. All sorts of smartphones were next on the list.

This was a wonderful demonstration of what can be done if access virtualization, application virtualization and processing virtualization are integrated.

This demo, of course, really only showed a portion of what the company does. A good deal of the products work behind the scenes. What they do is important, but really hard to demonstrate in eight minutes.

Good job, Brad!


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