Cloud storage: It's not just about the files

Summary:Talk about the cloud and watch some folks' eyes glaze over. They don't want to think about where their files are stored. Ask them if their photos are safe and it's a different story.

Personal stuff is important, too

The need to keep information safe extends to personal stuff, too. I still run into folks who when asked, tell me the thousands of photos of the kids are just on their smartphone. They take the photos and videos on the phone and then forget about them.

When I press them about what they'd do if their smartphone was lost or stolen, they panic. It finally occurs to them that they'd lose all of those memories in a flash.

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Just as in the business case, this personal stuff is not just files. It is photos, videos, music, music recitals — it is memories that cannot be replaced if catastrophe strikes. The cloud is the perfect solution to prevent that from happening, and everyone's phone and tablet should be backed up to the cloud.

Again, it's not enough to just back up to the cloud, it should be done in a way that makes it accessible in the future. When you need to find that video of Junior's first steps, you don't want to wade through thousands of files. You want to get right to that precious memory.

Most devices and the platforms they run on have a method for doing just that. Device owners should familarize themselves with that method and make sure they can take advantage of it should the need arise.

The cloud has your back

Having your important stuff, business and personal, safely stored in the cloud can give peace of mind. No worries of losing that photo and the memories it invokes. No catastrophe when that business document eludes you, throwing you in a panic. It's all in the cloud, which has your back.

Don't overlook mobile devices when it comes to backing up. The cloud is often the easiest and most automatic way to do that.

You can use a local hard drive to back your stuff up. That's a good piece of a good backup solution. But what if that big, honking drive that has all of your files, no, your information, dies? All of your stuff is gone in a flash. That won't happen if it's all in the cloud, too.

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