CompUSA says 'No pornography, no Postal'

Summary:The deed looks to be complete.After CompUSA recently announced it would cease selling the title, store shelves are now Postal-free.

The deed looks to be complete.

After CompUSA recently announced it would cease selling the title, store shelves are now Postal-free.

But like an elephant, Vince Desi doesn't forget.

"CompUSA doesn't give a sh-- about people who play games," Desi, of the title's developer Running With Scissors, told GameSpot News Friday. "It's a store that makes a lot of money. CompUSA doesn't need a lot of people calling them up complaining."

CompUSA spokesperson Carol Elfstrom defended the removal of the title by stating, "The content wasn't appropriate...just like we don't carry pornography." Elfstrom said the removal of a title so quickly after it had begun its sales cycle was "atypical"; she did not elaborate. "We simply aren't carrying the game - that's all."

Elfstrom would not comment on whether or not the company had been contacted by any outside groups who might have lobbied for the game's removal.

"That's some bullsh--," Desi stated. "We have an add-on pack and I might have to add a CompUSA level."

As for the comparison to pornography, Desi asked, "I'd love to know how many of their employees - starting with the management - have ever rented a porn film."

Postal's distributor, Ripcord Games, said through spokesperson Mark Shander, "CompUSA has decided that Postal is not one of the titles that they would like to make available to their customers. We completely respect that and support their decision."

For those who track "violent" content in games, it may be of interest to know that the recently-released Carmageddon is one of the titles CompUSA still makes available to its customers - along with the game's Splatter Pak add-on.

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