Conservatives stress need for speed

Summary:In the second part of our Tech election 2010 series, the Conservative Party tells ZDNet UK about the tech policies it will push and policies it will drop if it wins the general election

...this should be a last resort, and as such we successfully pushed the government into ensuring letter writing and other measures are given a chance to work before any other means are implemented.

Conservatives advocate the use of more educational programmes in schools and among the general public to educate people on the wrongs of illegal downloading.

What is your e-health policy, and will it include contracting patient data out to third parties?
We want patients to have greater control over their health records. This can lead to significant benefits. It can empower patients, allowing them to share information with third parties if they choose to do so.

Which major government IT projects would you drop or change, and why?
A Conservative government will impose an immediate moratorium on planned IT procurement projects in order to evaluate upcoming projects and ensure that small businesses and open-source IT providers are not locked out of the bidding process. We will also introduce a presumption against government IT contracts worth over £100m. These policies will not only save costs, but will also help to catalyse the growth of the next generation of high-tech British IT companies.

We will impose an moratorium on planned IT procurement projects. 

What measures would you put in place to ensure that businesses and organisations better protect their customers' data and inform customers of data breaches?
We have pushed the government to introduce financial penalties for serious breaches of data protection law. We would also task the information commissioner to carry out a consultation with the private sector, with a view to establishing guidance on data security, including examining the viability of introducing an industry-wide kitemark system of best practice.

What is your policy on new or existing measures to protect the critical national infrastructure?
To protect our digital infrastructure we will set up a Cyber Threat and Assessment Centre. This will build on the Cyber Security Operations Centre to provide Britain with a common operating picture, threat assessment and awareness of the international situation.

How would you pay for getting out of the ID card scheme?
We have written to the ID card contractors twice to warn them that we would immediately scrap the ID card scheme. Cancelling ID cards will save money, not cost money.

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