Consumers 'very satisfied' with the new iPad

Summary:According to a survey, 89 percent claim that they 'never experienced any heat problems.'

According to a survey carried out by ChangeWave Reaserch, the 'Heatgate' problem that was supposed to plague Apple's iPad 3 is a non-issue, with far fewer people experiencing the problem than the number who reported being affected by the iPhone 4 'Antennagate' problem.

A survey of 200 people came to a nearly unanimous conclusion over the alleged iPad heat issue, with 89 percent claiming that they 'never experienced any heat problems,' and a further 7 percent saying it was 'not much of a problem.' 4 percent said it was 'somewhat of a problem,' while 0 percent said it was a 'very big problem.'

Compare this to a similar survey carried out by ChangeWave research related to the iPhone 4 'Antennagate' issue. Back then 7 percent said it was a 'very big problem,' and 14 percent said it was 'somewhat of a problem.' Another 14 percent said it was 'not much of a problem,' while only 64 percent had 'never experienced any problems at all.'

In other words, as far as consumers are concerned, there is no 'Heatgate.' And product review and ratings organization Consumer Reports now agrees with this assessment, claiming that while the iPad 3 gets warmer than the iPad 2, "we didn't find those temperatures to be cause for concern."

The remainder of the survey will be music to Apple's ears too.

  • 82 percent 'very satisfied' with the iPad 3, and 16 percent 'somewhat satisfied'
  • 75 percent like the 'retina' display screen the best
  • 22 percent like the long battery life the best
  • The two biggest dislikes are the price (26 percent) and the cost of the wireless data plans (23 percent)

Image credit: ChangeWave Research.


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