Conversation with ScienceLogic's Dave Link

Summary:Focusing on the basics, being able to easily monitor and manage IT assets, has been the foundation of ScienceLogic's success.

Dave Link, CEO and Co-Founder of ScienceLogic, took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about ScienceLogic, the expectations of its customers and why, in his view, the company has been successful. In the end, focusing on the basics and making it easy to monitor and manage IT assets and expenses is the key.

Link believes that each generation of systems has become more complex than the last. Being able to easily see what is happening and being informed about things that could lead up to an outage has become more and more difficult.  ScienceLogic's ongoing investment into monitoring all aspects of system performance, gathering that raw data, storing it in a useable form, integrating and analyzing the data to make it into actionable information and then making it easy for busy IT administration and operations personnel to use this information has been why customers come back and purchase his company's products again.

When asked about today's concerns about security and privacy, Link pointed out that those requirements have been on the table for quite some time. Unfortunately, he pointed out, many don't act on these requirements and build appropriate policies and procedures into their day-to-day operations until either they or one of their friends has gotten hurt. Then, security pops up on their priority list.  It would be better, he thought if it was always on the list rather than being added on after the fact.

As more and more companies consider and then adopt cloud computing services, ScienceLogic's products become more and more important to customers, Link said. His company has been working hard to make sure that what service providers and network operators need has been built into ScienceLogic's products.

I enjoyed speaking with him and appreciate the time he gave me during the conversation.

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