Cook: Apple takes working conditions seriously

Apple boss Tim Cook has reaffirmed the company's commitment to tackling labour issues in its supply chain, with monthly reports due to be published on the Apple website

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has addressed recent criticism and debate over working conditions in Apple's supply chain, insisting that the company takes the matter "very seriously".

Tim Cook, Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook has addressed concerns over working conditions in the company's supply chain. Image credit: James Martin/CNET News

"Whether workers are in Europe, or in Asia, or in the United States, we care about every worker," Cook said in a speech at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference 2012 in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Cook explained that he has "spent a lot of time in factories, and not just as an executive," adding that most of Apple's top managers and executives visit factories on a regular basis. Thus, Cook said that Apple is "very connected to the production process, and we understand working conditions at a granular level".

Positing that while the supply chain and issues surrounding it are complex, Cook said Apple's commitment to widespread change along the supply chain is simple. Those changes are going to be evaluated with progress reports published on a monthly basis on Apple's website.

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