Cool Tools - GoLearn Skateboarding brings GPS-enabled features, instruction to the iPhone

Summary:When I was a kid my mom got me a skateboard. All the neighborhood kids were doing it and I was consistently succumbing to peer pressure, so I wanted to get out there and rock and roll.

When I was a kid my mom got me a skateboard. All the neighborhood kids were doing it and I was consistently succumbing to peer pressure, so I wanted to get out there and rock and roll. Sad thing is, I could only rock. Over. Onto my face. As my friends skated past me with all of their fancy moves, I held onto our house-shaped mailbox and cried. My future as a professional skateboarder was bleak.

Perhaps that would've changed if the world had iPhones in 1986? More specifically, if I'd had access to the GoLearn Skateboarding app by Whagaa Software and Santa Cruz Skate Shop, with front-end UI design from Rich Harris of 47 Project. The app, which as of last week had earned the No. 1 slot in the top paid sports applications on iTunes, isn't just for beginners. It has all kinds of neat features for skateboarders of all experience levels.

Since I haven't been on a skateboard since I was 12 years old (I merely watch and admire), I hit up my photographer friend and long-term skateboarder Bill Pennington for his thoughts and asked him to review the application.

"This is one of my favorite iPhone apps. I love the Skate Park Locator feature, when the mood strikes to hit a park I just load it up and look for the nearest park and get directions. No more calling your friends and getting crappy directions to a park miles away when I can get perfect directions to the one five minutes down the road," Pennington said. "The trick tip videos are really cool as well. If I am trying to learn something new, I really like that I can carry a video with me where ever I am to get some instant instruction."

The many features include:

  • Over 45 high definition videos with slow motion, multiple angles and detailed instruction.
  • Street section includes ollies, rails, stairs, curbs, flips, and ledges.
  • Park section includes bowls, rails and airs.
  • Skateboard Mechanic - video demonstration of proper care and maintenance.  Titles include Trucks 101, Wheel Selection, Bearing Maintenance, Skateboard Assembly and more.
  • GPS Skate Park Locator with thousands of park locations throughout the US.  Ability to access maps and driving directions within app.

Pennington has one more feature on his wish list:

"It would be great if the app could allow me to add my own skate spots and notes. It would be awesome to show all my favorite ledges that are close by when the mood strikes. I also do a lot of skate photography and heading out with some guys to shot and being able to map out a location list would be awesome," he said.

Overall the application is getting stellar reviews -- not just from Pennington, but in the App Store. From my own review of the app as a beginner combined with Pennington's experience as a savvy skateboarder, I definitely recommend this application for those wanting to get out and learn or just improve their skate style.

I'll be over here holding onto my mailbox.

Purchase GoLearn Skateboarding in the App Store

Image courtesy of 47 Project

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